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Yes We Can: America Believes Legal Cannabis Makes Societies Better

Written by Corre Addam

According to Harvard-Harris Poll, more than half of American adults believe that legalizing cannabis leads to a ‘better’ or improved society.

The poll found that 57 percent of Americans responded ‘better’ when asked the direct question: “Do you think legalizing cannabis makes societies better or worse?”

The poll was revealing in more ways than one about American attitudes to cannabis, and its status as a schedule i drug, Federally, along with cocaine and heroin.

People questioned in the poll also revealed a lot about other stances and beliefs they hold when it comes to cannabis, both for medical and recreational use:

  • 49 percent believe marijuana should be legalized for both medical and personal use.
  • 37 percent say marijuana should be legalized solely for medicinal purposes.
  • 86 percent support legalizing the plant in some form.
  • Only 14 percent say cannabis should remain illegal.
  • 72 percent say that even if marijuana remains illegal, people should not serve any time in jail.
  • 69 percent answered “no” when asked if it would bother them if cannabis was legalized in their state.

Mark Penn, the co-director at Harvard-Harris, told reporters about the poll,

“Most think legalization of marijuana would probably be helpful in reducing crime and almost half support legalization.”

The Harvard-Harris Poll was conducted at the end of July, including 2,051 registered voters; 37 percent Democrat, 31 percent Republican, 27 percent independent and 4 percent ‘other.’

In a Gallup Poll, released in the middle of July, the number of Americans who say they have taken cannabis at least once has reached a record high. That poll found that a staggering 45 percent of American adults have tried cannabis. Compare that to 1969, and the number stood then at just 4 percent.

That Gallup Poll additionally found that there has been a somewhat sharp increase in the number of American adults who currently take cannabis. Be it medicinally or recreationally.

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