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Top 3 Ways to Enjoy This Fall’s Cannabis Elections

Cannabis the big story of elections this year
Written by Sarah Friedman

Nope, I’m not talking about celebrating Halloween, Veteran’s Day, or even Thanksgiving. You can refer to separate articles for those holidays. No, today, we’re talking about how to celebrate something we probably never thought about celebrating at all. That’s right, here are the top three ways for cannabis aficionados to enjoy the elections this fall.

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Yeah, I get it. I’m telling you to get all excited about election season, and its not like an election is the big party of the year for most of us. Hell, a lot of us won’t even vote, and that’s okay too, as voting is a personal decision. So why am I harping on election season this year? Because in the world of cannabis, these elections are very important, and could be the nail in the coffin for federal cannabis prohibition.

This election isn’t to elect a president, but is instead geared toward congress, and other representatives. It’s an election that shouldn’t be terribly exciting, but comes at just the right time, that it is. Five states have ballot measures for recreational cannabis, and that could mean just about half the US’s states going weed legal, and all subsequent federal repercussions. It’s exciting!

#3 Way With a joint, spliff, vape, edible, bong, dab, oil, or tincture

If you didn’t get the point of the heading, its to get high. This election season, you should watch the news reports on votes coming in, and you should do it stoned. Why? Why should it be this way? Because this year’s elections might very well be the veritable straw that breaks the camel’s back. Yup, we’re at a turning point, and this election might be what forces a change in official federal direction.

Cannabis election party
Cannabis election party

Right now, 19 states are legal for recreational use, and nearly 40 are legal for medical use. Apart from these, several other states have decriminalization policies, ranging in how broad they are, and what they cover. But according to the federal government, cannabis is a Schedule I Controlled Substance, with no medical potential, and with an overall dangerous nature.

The thing is, its sometimes okay to have discrepancy between federal law and state law. But its now getting to the point where already half the population live in legal locations, with more on the way. And that means the federal government is losing to its states. It also means a growing issue with an act that’s perfectly allowable in one state, incurring penalties in another. An overall failure of the use of states rights.

In order to keep its stance, the federal government has to put out danger smear campaigns, deny medical abilities, and make up statistics that show some kind of death or danger aspect. And its getting harder and harder to do this with a country (and world) of people who no longer agree. If the US doesn’t want to keep going in contrast to all its states, it eventually has to change policy. And if it doesn’t want to look weak, it has to do it soon.

Why this election? About 50% of the population are in legal states now. And there are five more states with ballot measures for legalization. If all five make it, that means 24 states will be legal, plus DC, and that’s half of all locations, and well over half of the population. Even two or three states passing measures means an inarguable majority living in legal locations. In fact, according to a recent Bloomberg article, 74% of the population live where they can legally access cannabis in some way already, but this election can push recreational access over the 50% line.

So even if just three, or just two, or just one more state falls, the numbers are simply too high. Plus, all of these ballot measures come from petitions that gathered well over the minimum requirements for signatures, and most are quite likely to go through. So why not celebrate these elections by taking out your favorite type of weed paraphernalia, and getting yourself baked? It’s kind of the order of the day.

#2 Way At the polls – duh!

The reality is that no one has the right to tell anyone else what they should do when it comes to voting. Telling people to go to the polls is as bad as telling them what to vote for. We used to hold voting privacy as sacred, something ruined by social media, and our need to put our own opinions on other people. But the reality is the reality. Voting is meant to be a private matter, and that includes whether it happens or not.

Cannabis elections
Cannabis elections

So, if you’d rather not take part, that’s all good. But if you are of the poll-minded variety, get your butt over to your local voting center, especially if you’re in a state with a ballot, and want to see weed legalized.

Not only can you practice your given right to vote for your chosen candidates and, in the case of ballot measures, policy; but with everything going on in the world of weed, your vote might actually help force a federal changeover this time around. This doesn’t have to relate to a direct ballot measure, and is also attached to which representatives win.

This election season, take part (if you feel like it). And if you’re in North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Maryland, or Missouri, know that your vote can help determine legal policy concerning marijuana in your state, and that this can go on to affect the rest of the country.

It’s not a duty or a responsibility, but if you can, and especially if you’re in a state with a ballot measure, make your way over to cast your vote. Even if you don’t believe in fair elections, this is partly an optics game, and every physical body to promote the cause, helps.

#1 Way With an election party

As stated earlier in this article, elections aren’t generally thought of as the most exciting times, especially when there’s no presidential race. I mean, they can be, particularly when it is a heated presidential election, but a lot of the time they don’t make waves to the masses as much as other things going on.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Maybe this year, throw an election party, complete with all the weed, and weed edibles you can think of. You can gather together like-minded friends and party it out as the votes roll in. You can even make a smoking game out of it. Every time the word ‘legalization’ is said, take a hit.

Election party
Election party

Or any time you hear the words ‘ballot measure’, pack a new bowl. You can come up with any number of ways to play the game, and no matter how exactly its done, it’ll be the best smoking game you played, and everyone is sure to end up completely blasted.

The best part of throwing a cannabis party for the elections, is that regardless of whether the news is good or bad, you’ll be plenty high. A buzzy head is certainly great for enjoying good news, but its also a way to take the edge off of bad news. Maybe things won’t go as desired on the weed front, and maybe we’ll want to console ourselves in the process. And if they do turn out how we want, we’re perfectly baked, and ready to celebrate.


I say we make election season exciting this year. We’ve got our high-quality, indoor-grown, sticky, brightly-colored ganja, and an election that could spell change on a very big level. It’s definitely time to break out the premium cannabis, as these elections are all about the weed.

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