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Product Review: Drule Delta-10 THC Disposable in Strawberry Banana

Written by Leah Johnson

Get ready to drool with delight on today’s product review: a Strawberry Banana Delta-10 THC Disposable from Drule! While there are flavored cannabinoid-infused products on the market, they’re typically soft and chewy gummies or vape cartridges naturally flavored from the terpenes. Drule seems to have found a way to fuse the tasty flavors of the vape world and the soothing effects of Delta-10 THC together in a unique disposable device. 

Delta-10 THC is one of the cannabinoids recently popularized after the mighty Delta-8 THC craze, but offers a more clear-headed high that many users report being suitable for daytime use. The same heady effects are present, but without the drowsiness and extreme relaxation associated with Delta-8 THC. If you’re a vaper who enjoys a delicious puff of flavor and is curious about the cannabinoid world, keep reading to see my overall impression of Drule’s Strawberry Banana Delta-10 THC Disposable. But before I get to the actual product review, let’s check out the Drule brand and all that they have to offer. 

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Drule: The Mouthwatering Flavor Company

I personally love the company name, as it makes my mouth water with anticipation of the listed flavors. I initially typed in “Drule Delta-10 THC” into my web browser but didn’t find anything initially. Then I saw that the product packaging has listed the website as “” so I typed that in and was redirected to the company website. The actual Drule site seemed a little glitchy at first, almost like the site wasn’t completely finished. There was a tab for Vimeo and all the tools and platforms to use it on, which absolutely does not belong on a brand website. I scrolled a little bit further down and saw the actual disposable product listed in different flavors. I clicked on one of the products and was taken to a very plain product listing, which in turn also had a link to click on if you actually wanted to buy the product. 

I clicked on the link and was redirected to a completely different site called Perfect Vape. Since this device looks like a disposable vape and comes in flavors often associated with vape e-liquids, I wasn’t that surprised but I was a bit curious why the Drule website did not offer an actual website to purchase from. I then realized that Drule only sells disposable vapes that are NOT infused with Delta-10 THC, and that the Delta-10 THC disposable vapes must not yet be available to the public. I unfortunately have no way of knowing how much this product will cost, but when I do find out, I will gladly update this review. There are 18 other  flavors of the disposable vape, one of which being the Strawberry Banana Delta-10 THC disposable that I received. Speaking of which, it’s time to review this intriguing disposable and see just how good this strawberry banana vape actually is. Let’s begin! 

Drule Delta-10 THC Disposable Product Review

The disposable came completely enclosed in a thin paper box with bright colors and the words “Delta-10 THC” were clearly emblazoned in white letters right at the top of the box. I eagerly opened the box and a slim cylinder-shaped device slid out. The device came in a beautiful pink color that was an obvious nod to the advertised strawberry and banana flavor. The device itself was smooth and slim and was nearly weightless in my hand. I unplugged the rubber stopper and immediately detected a sweet scent wafting into my nostrils. The smell reminded me of pink bubblegum with a rich banana undertone and my mouth instantly watered with anticipation. 

I held the device device to my lips and gently inhaled to activate the device. A smooth and flavorful cloud of vapor poured into my mouth, reminding me instantly of a vape cloud. The flavor was rich and fruity, and I had to stop myself from taking more hits to enjoy the sweet cloud. The flavor was a bit artificial but tasted more like bananas with a hint of strawberry. The entire experience from inhale to exhale felt exactly like a vape pen, which made it very easy to use. I did not cough from the vapor nor did I feel any burning in my chest or throat. I did feel an extremely mild tightening sensation in my chest, but that passed after a few seconds. I took three hits from the device and had to stop myself from taking more (yes the flavor really was that good!). I noted the time of my last hit and settled in to wait for the effects to kick in. 

The Effects

The effects of the Delta-10 THC began to kick in about 10 minutes after my last puff. This high from this particular cannabinoid are similar to Delta-8 THC, just not as strong. I felt a warm euphoria as well as some light tingling in my hands and feet. I felt an enhanced sense of touch and taste (water in particular was delicious), but there was no dry mouth, brain fog, or mental haziness. In fact, I felt much more clear-headed and had sharper focus than I would on a Delta-8 THC high.

I was extremely relaxed but did not feel any heavy weighted blanket sensation (couch lock) nor did I feel sleepy or drowsy. My eyelids didn’t feel heavy and I actually felt more awake and alert, despite it being later in the evening. I could actually see myself using this during the day time for motivation, creativity, and non-debilitating relaxation. My only complaint would be that the high was short lived. I felt the effects begin to taper off after about 90 minutes, but by then it had gotten quite late and I was ready to go to sleep. 


The Drule Delta-10 THC Strawberry Banana Disposable blew my expectations completely out of the water. The rich and smooth flavored paired with the fast-acting high caused me to fall in love with this little disposable from the very first hit. Traditionally, I’ve launched into uncontrollable coughing fits that left me feeling weak and out of breath. This slim and discrete disposable actually had me wanting to use it as frequently as a vaping device, thanks to the smooth and rich fruit flavor. The device came in beautiful packaging and it was clear that the creators had taken time to design an exquisite product that was both easy and enjoyable to use. 

The effects of the high began quickly and lasted for longer than I expected, leaving me clear-headed and focused to get work done. The high from this Delta-10 THC product was a welcome change from the drowsy and relaxed effects associated with regular Delta-8 THC products, which is why I can easily recommend this product for daytime use. I realize that this product is not yet available on the company website, but I highly encourage you to check the Drule site frequently for when it is. If you have any experience with vaping and are curious to experience a shockingly clear-headed high in a matter of minutes, you won’t be disappointed with the Delta-10 THC Strawberry Banana Disposable from Drule!

In my next review, I’ll be tackling the Platinum Mai Tai Delta-8 THC Disposable from Delta Extrax, a powerhouse brand that consistently delivers premium products. Be sure to check back frequently for this and many more full-length product reviews from cannabinoid brands throughout the country. Hope to see you there!

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