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Alternative Products Expo – The Premier Event for Cannabis Industry Products – Ticket Discounts!  

Alternative products expo
Written by Alexandra Hicks

Formerly known as The USA CBD Expo, the need for rebranding became apparent at last year’s event in Chicago. This event, now The Alternative Products Expo, covers so much more than just CBD. This year, like last, you can expect to learn more about Delta 8, 9, and 10 THC, THC-O, HHC, psilocybin, THCV, CBN, and so many more exciting cannabinoid and alternative products.  

We’ll see you there from March 11th to 13th, at Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Click here to buy your tickets now!

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2022 is expected to be an incredible year for the industry as a whole. Amazing shows, pending legalizations, and so many new products and compounds hitting the shelves. The cannabis trade-show experience is unparalleled. Alternative Products Expo offers attendees the opportunity to build connections, learn about all the latest trends and innovations, and be among like-minded people in a rapidly growing industry.  

This event will include over 50 speakers, more than 300 exhibitors, and thousands of products. Alternative products expo is sponsored by 3chi, Lost 8s, Dimo, Trinity Hemp, Cake, and other big names in the industry. That said, you can expect to find a lot THC (Delta 8, 9, and 10, THC-O, THCP, and THCV), CBN, CBG, CBD, CBC, and pretty much any hemp/cannabis derivative you can think of.  

Another exciting aspect about this year’s expo is the inclusion of psychedelic (or psychedelic adjacent) products. There won’t be any actual psilocybin on the convention floor, since it’s still in legal flux throughout the US, but a lot of companies that have already laid the groundwork to sell such products once they are legal, will be there. Many cities and states have mushroom legislation in the works, and it is prime time to start learning about them and connecting with people in that field.  

Again, The Alternative Products Expo will be held at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from March 11th to 13th. We’re expecting to see over 10,000 attendees, more than 50 speakers, and upwards of 300 exhibitors at the event, and we at CBD Testers are very excited to attend!  

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Alexandra Hicks

Managing editor at Cannadelics and U.S based journalist, helping spread the word about the many benefits of using cannabis and psychedelics.