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Looking For CBD Flowers Deals? Check Out Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotions

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Written by Alexandra Hicks

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, and what better way to get into the spirit than with amazing deals on CBD flowers?

This upcoming Thursday (Nov 28) and Sunday (Dec 1) we will be launching two special edition newsletters full of CBD flower sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two biggest shopping days of the year in the United States. 

If you want exclusive access to these deals, which will include a variety of high quality strains from this years harvest, then you will need to subscribe to our CBD Flowers Weekly Newsletter – Just use the sign up form below. 

This weekend, you can expect to see some fun deals including indoor and outdoor flower, low-priced pounds and QPs, CBD hemp cigarettes, and more.

Our CBD Flowers Weekly Newsletter is normally delivered to your inbox every Thursday at 11am EST, but for these special shopping occasions, we’ll be adjusting the schedule as follows:

  • Black Friday Special Edition Newsletter: Thursday at 6pm EST
  • Cyber Monday Special Edition Newsletter: Sunday at 11am EST

Sign up now for access to all the deals and future discounts on CBD flowers.

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