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The Medical Cannabis Weekly Newsletter: CB Receptors 101, Treating Bipolar Disorder, CBD for Pain, and more

Written by Alexandra Hicks

In this week’s edition, we’re taking a closer look at the primary reason that Americans choose to use CBD. 

Also, it’s possible you’ve heard of cannabinoid receptors, what exactly are they and how do they work? Also, can cannabis be used to treat bipolar disorder? All that and more in this week’s Medical Cannabis Weekly Review & Newsletter. 


FEATURED STORY: Gallup Poll Finds Americans Use CBD Mostly For Pain Management

cbd pain

CBD is a naturally occurring compound in cannabis and hemp which offers therapeutic and even medicinal solutions for a range of conditions. According to data recently gathered by Gallup, one of the largest U.S. analytics and advisory company based in Washington, D.C, at least one in seven Americans use CBD, and most of them use it for pain. 

The latest poll found that Americans in the younger age demographic and those living on the West Coast were more likely to use CBD. And while the survey found that around 20% of the under 30s said they use CBD, that number decreases in older age groups. That statistic was clear as only 8% of people over 65 who were polled said they use CBD.

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CDC Says Bootleg THC Cartridges Playing A Major Role In Vaping Illnesses

According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly four out of five people hospitalized from vaping-related lung illnesses were using bootleg THC cartridges. More specifically, 77 percent of 514 patients used a product that contained THC, either alone or combined with nicotine. 

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Is CBD Effective for Treating Bipolar Disorder?

bipolar cbd

For some people with mental illness – such as Bipolar Disorder – prescription medications like SSRIs can be a lifeline. For others, the mixture of chemicals in the system ends in disaster, and that’s why many are now ‘self-medicating’ with CBD.

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Cannabinoid Receptors: What They Are and How They Work

cannabinoid receptors

Cannabinoid receptors are extremely important to our overall well-being, yet they remain shrouded in mystery. Most people are aware of the fact that cannabis has medicinal value, but how it actually works in the body is less than common knowledge; and it has everything to do with these receptors.

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