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U.S. ‘Marijuana’ Entrepreneur Launches CBD Range in U.K.

Written by Peter McCusker

American cannabis entrepreneur Ralph Morgan decamped to the U.K. to launch his new CBD wellness company.

The co-founder of Organa Brands has teamed with leading U.K-based doctor Dani Gordon to launch the new range featuring daily CBD supplements, pet care, and skin and sun care products. In a press release Mr Morgan and Dr Gordon said the vision for new Colorado-based, Collective Hemp Brands, is to engage with consumers on their medical journeys.

Healthcare And Natural Remedies

Mr Morgan, Chief Executive Officer of Collective Hemp Brands, said he has ‘traded’ the marijuana industry for cannabinoid therapies because ‘I believe the new movement in healthcare is natural remedies’.

He continued: “This is the age of natural remedies and the era of CBD. It is my goal to amass wide scale behavior change and help consumers reconnect with the cannabis plant, its cannabinoid properties, and a more natural wellness regime.”

Dr Gordon, a partner in the company as well as Chief Medical Officer at Collective Hemp Brand, is a recognized expert in cannabinoid medicine and CBD wellness. 

Holistic Approach To Health

She says she is formulating products based on research and ‘botanical medicine and cannabinoid formulations she has used for years’. 

“Patients are no longer completely relying on their general practitioners for wellness advice and want a more holistic approach to chronic health symptoms and stress-related issues that western medicine, drug-based approaches are not solving well,” she explained.

collective hemp brands
Product line from Collective Hemp Brands

Writing in the Hemp & CBD Expo magazine, which accompanied the recent exhibition with the same name, in Birmingham, England – where the brand was launched – Mr Morgan said said it has designed each brand with a specific customer in mind.

Organa Bought By Slang

He highlighted how its sun care range ‘Purif’ is ‘an environmentally friendly sun care line featuring organic ingredients, enhanced with cannabinoids and hemp oil’.

Founded in Denver 2012 Organa Brands has annual sales of $100 million and was was recently acquired by Slang Worldwide. Ralph Morgan told Marijuana Business Daily that the move will give him more time to focus on new markets ‘outside marijuana dispensaries’.

The new products will come from hemp, not marijuana, he said. “It’s been a passion project of mine, and it became clear that to give it the attention it deserved it needed my primary focus.” Organa Brands is a supplier of vape pens, edibles and other infused products.

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