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World’s Largest Outdoor Cannabis Farm Given The Go-Ahead

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Written by Peter McCusker

Canadian firm, 48North Cannabis Corp, is to begin planting the world’s largest outdoor cannabis growing site.

The company says the 100-acre facility near Hamilton in Ontario will produce over 40,000 kilograms of organic outdoor cannabis this year. This September, the first crop will be harvested at what is what is expected to be the lowest-cost per gram in Canada.

This will coincide with pending changes to Canadian legislation with a host of new cannabis products, such as edibles and topicals, becoming legal in October.

Absolute Game Changer for the Industry

Jeannette VanderMarel co-CEO of 48North, said: “Receiving the outdoor cultivation license from Health Canada for our Good Farm is an absolute game changer for 48North and the cannabis industry.”

She continued: “Overnight, the company expands its annual expected capacity from 5,000 kg to over 45,000 kg. As a result, I am confident that 48North will deliver on its promise to produce, high-quality, low-cost, organic cannabis for the next-generation of cannabis products, and the dried flower market.”

48North received its outdoor cultivation license from Health Canada for the 3.7 million sq ft organic farm located in Brant County, Ontario. Health Canada’s licensing of Good Farm means 48North can harvest in excess of 45,000 kilograms of dried cannabis in 2019 across its three Canadian facilities. 

Low-Cost, Organic Cannabis

Alison Gordon, co-CEO of 48North, added: “48North is now better positioned than ever to deliver on its commitment to deliver high-quality cannabis products to the Canadian and international cannabis markets.”

“48North knows that consumer packaged goods brands looking to get into the cannabis space need a low-cost, consistent, and organic cannabis inputs, 48North’s Good Farm, without question, fulfils this need.”

In its market statement 48North announced it had recently signed three supply agreements for products from the new farm. These include:

  • An agreement with the SQDC (the exclusive distributor of cannabis in Quebec ) for 1,200 kg of dried cannabis;
  • A supply agreement to provide 2,460 kilograms of dried cannabis to AGLC, the wholesaler of Alberta; and
  • An agreement with Humble + Fume for 6,000 kg of dried cannabis and trim.

The Green Organic Dutchman Founder

Ms. VanderMarel, who was the co-founder of leading Canadian cannabis venture The Green Organic Dutchman, told CBD Testers: “As far as we know, and we have done our research, this is the largest cannabis site anywhere in the world.”

She added: “Since last year’s change (making recreational cannabis legal) the sky has not fallen in and Canada has demonstrated that cannabis can be used responsibly by adults, and can actually be a harm-reduction tool for many things.”

The new facility, to be known as Good Farm, is located 10 minutes from an existing 48North production facility and 20 minutes from Hamilton airport. Listed on the Toronto exchange 48North Cannabis Corp is a vertically integrated cannabis company focused on the health and wellness market. 

The name refers to the longitude of its most northerly production site in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, at the 48th parallel.

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  • Nice to see expansion in CBD growing. I have a problem with the accuracy of the headline. There are already farms exceeding 100 acres. There is a farm in Oregon that exceeds 600 acres and produces many times that amount. There will be a farm in the US next year that will exceed 4,000 acre and have the ability to custom grow as mush as 15,000 acre. They will also have vertical integration in processing and custom manufacturing of products at pharma levels of control.

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