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Israel Set to Legalize Cannabis Exports on Sunday

Israel approved medical cannabis exports leading the way for GMP products
Written by Alexandra Hicks

On Sunday, January 27th, the Israeli Cabinet will take a vote on whether or not to allow medical cannabis exports in a proposal known as Government Resolution 1587.

This is per a recommendation from an inter-ministerial team that was established specifically to determine if cannabis export would be a practical option for industry in Israel. The team was made up of directors from the Ministries of Health and Finance and representatives of the Ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development, Internal Security, Justice, and Economy and Industry.

“With the approval of the export of medical cannabis, a new branch will be opened for the farmers of Israel, which will strengthen the agriculture of Israel. It is no secret, that Israel is a medical cannabis power thanks to Israeli research and the conditions for growth in the field that precede world countries in 5-7 years,” said Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel.

Israeli Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel.

Israeli Minister of Agriculture Uri Ariel.

“Furthermore,” he continued, “due to the regulation in Israel, the products are manufactured according to strict standards, which enable the export of products with high quality medical standards, similar to the pharmaceutical industry, in order to supply the drug at pharmacies. I see medical cannabis as a key tool to ensure the expansion of agricultural activity Strengthening the rural settlement. Transforming Israel into an exporter of medical Cannabis will provided a livelihood for our excellent farmers and will lead to strengthening the Israeli economy.”

The team listened to testimony from industry stakeholders while looking at a number of other factors including the legality of the situation and how it has worked out in various Western countries already. The team suggested that exports be allowed from local producers as well as individual sellers so long as everything meets a set of quality standards and legal requirements.

This proposal comes on the heels of another important policy change that was implemented on December 25th of last year, when the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) unanimously approved Amendment 16 of the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance which is what initially set this current resolution in motion.

If this passes – which is fully anticipated – Israel will be in the position to become the global hotspot for medical cannabis exports with expected proceeds topping $4 billion per year. Israel is currently leading the world in cannabis research with some of the most advanced scientific techniques and innovative studies available. This new law will allow Israel to help people from all over the world suffering from a myriad of conditions such as cancer, Parkinson’s, gastrointestinal disorders and more.

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Alexandra Hicks

Managing editor at Cannadelics and U.S based journalist, helping spread the word about the many benefits of using cannabis and psychedelics.