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Why Hemp Is Becoming Increasingly Mainstream

hemp's popularity
Written by Joe Powers

For a handful of very legitimate reasons, hemp’s reach is starting to spread everywhere in the cannabis industry

Recently in the USA, President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill into law (watch video). This bill includes the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 and officially removed hemp from the definition of “marijuana” (as the government refers to it, although we prefer to say “cannabis”). Now, after the 2018 Farm Bill signing, hemp is officially defined – by the federal government – as cannabis with less than 0.3% THC. As a result, hemp’s popularity is reaching undeniable heights. 

So what does this mean for American farmers and consumers? According to USA Today, this will allow farmers to purchase crop insurance, so in case a natural disaster happens,  farmers will be able to protect their investment. The farm bill also allows transfer between states and expanding options for exporting hemp to other countries, plus many other legal benefits that were previous out of reach for those in the industry. 

Signing of the farm bill occurred very recently so it’s not the only reason for hemp being everywhere. Although this event will definitely trigger a more rapid expansion of hemp into our daily lives, there are additional factors causing the mass spread.

What other factors are causing hemp to spread everywhere?

hemp's popularity

Hemp is known as the plant with over 50,000 uses

Cannabis and hemp have been under lock and key since prohibition began in the 1930s. Hemp was incorrectly associated with cannabis and, over the last few years, has been making itself distinct from it’s psychoactive cousin. Not only are consumers interested in hemp, but so is the government as well as many commercial industries.

If one were to speculate, hemp’s popularity is growing because it has a place in just about every industry. The popular saying is that hemp has over 50,000 industrial applications. Once the masses started learning the advantages of hemp, it began to grow into an unstoppable force. 

Right now, at the beginning of 2019, hemp is starting to reach peak interest throughout most of the world. Industrial hemp is a superior and clean alternative to a diverse number of products. Hemp can be used paper, food, fuel, fibers, it’s an excellent source of nutrients, and you can even find low-THC, high-CBD hemp flowers to smoke and vape. 

Why wasn’t hemp already everywhere?

Due to government restrictions and lack of awareness, hemp was real “low-key” substance. For almost 100 years, we thought hemp and cannabis were one in the same. Now in 2019, it has broken free from the binding cannabis regulations and hemp’s popularity will continue to grow and this amazing plant will keep integrating itself into more of our modern products – for many years to come.

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