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New CBD Vaping Products You Must Try In 2019

The PhenoPen, Next Generation CBD Vape-Pen
Written by Ofer Shoshani

With 2019 just around the corner, it’s time to predict which CBD products are going to become next year’s best-sellers.

Vaping is on of the most effective way to use CBD. With no developed tolerance, negative side effects, toxicity, or withdrawal symptoms, it’s clear why vaping CBD has become so popular. Everyday we learn about new vaping products, and people often report of the almost-instant relief they receive from vaping CBD.

In one of the corner-stone articles about CBD vaping products, Dr. Leah Zachar, CBD Testers’ scientific adviser explained:

“All delivery methods will ultimately give you the benefit of CBD.  But when you vape, you have the benefit of speed, convenience, discretion, customization, and as with all CBD – complete safety.” (Dr. Leah Zachar, CBD Testers)

Below are few leading vape products you will likely see everywhere in 2019. Try them today and be the first one to see what the next-generation vaping experience feels like.

The PhenoPen, Next Generation CBD Vape-Pen

The PhenoPen, Next Generation CBD Vape-Pen

The PhenoPen, Next Generation CBD Vape-Pen

If you’re looking for a high-end vape pen that was created with health and scientific research in mind, then the PhenoPen should be your go-to device.
The PhenoPen was created based on extensive medical cannabis studies from Israel. It’s a device that uses only 100% pure CBD extract with no carrier oils to deliver the quality and benefits typically found only in whole hemp flower. Using a medically validated formulation and superb engineering it produces a unique vaping experience.
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Full-Spectrum CBD Vape-Pens

Joy Organics 500mg full-spectrum CBD vape-pen

Joy Organics 500mg full-spectrum CBD vape-pen

As vaping becomes more and more popular, one product you will see in everyone’s pocket is the CBD vape-pen. Discreet, simple, safe, effective and enjoyable, the vape-pen is one of the most convenient ways to use CBD.

While many CBD companies use isolates in their products, only with full-spectrum formulas will you receive the full synergistic impact of multiple compounds (cannabinoids and terpenes) working together.

One product to look out for is Joy Organics 500mg CBD vape-pen, coming from a company known for their quality and attention to detail. Paired with just MCT coconut oil as a carrier and touched with a hint of citrus flavor, this is product is a definite must-have.

Deal: 20% discount using the code CBDTESTERS at checkout.

Buy Joy’s new 500mg vape-pen

High-CBD Hemp Flowers

Cherry hemp buds : Best CBD Flowers US (from the Recreational CBD Weekly newsletter)

Cherry hemp buds : Best CBD Flowers US (from the Recreational CBD Weekly newsletter)

In 2019 we will see a lot of people going back to good-old flowers. Vaping high-CBD hemp flowers has been proven to deliver a very satisfying experience, along with the instant-relief it provides.

However, while there are plenty of high-CBD flowers, rarely do you see hemp flowers with both, a great terpenes profile and CBD levels above 20%.  Next year we will have plenty of them.

With 20% CBD, a great terpene profile (earth and skunk aroma with a cherry overtone), and a freshly picked cherries with a dab of skunk flavor, Cherry is one of the special strains you must try today to experience what will the future of hemp flowers will look like.

Deal: Use First15, for a 15% discount and choose 1 oz to get the price down to $3/g.

Buy Cherry high-CBD hemp flower

CBD Terpsolates – The Best Way To Experience Terpenes

CBD terpsolates - terpenes infused CBD isolates

CBD terpsolates – terpenes infused CBD isolates

CBD terpsolates are CBD isolates which have been combined with terpenes. If you have never tried CBD dabbing before, you don’t know what you are missing… CBD dabbing might be the best way to experience the terpenes, since unlike THC dabbing, CBD works gently, without clouding the mind, so your attention remains focused on the terps themselves and you can experience the mild changes they bring with them.
Next year we will see many more companies experimenting with terps and terpsolates.  Now you can try it for yourself! Get the CBD terpsolate variety pack, and experience one of the most enjoyable and rewarding ways to use CBD.
Available terpsolates: Jack Herer, Tangie, Blue Dream, and Cherry Pie.
Use coupon code CBDTESTERS for an additional discount.

Prefer rolling joints? Buy a Bag of Hemp Flowers

Making Your Own Pre-roles? Buy a Bag of Hemp Flowers

Making Your Own Pre-roles? Buy a Bag of Hemp Flowers

With a price of $0.5/g, hemp flowers can’t get any cheaper. Flower shake is perfect for rolling joints and making your own edibles. Use this seedless hemp CBD shake to make hemp joints, tea, butter, topping, or any other edible you can think of. It can also be vaped just like regular flower nugs.

Deal: use code shake2018 for a 25% discount on ‘Special Sauce’ hemp shake. When choosing 1/4 lb the price will go to under $50 ($0.5/g).

Buy a bag of hemp flower shake for $50

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