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3 Premium CBD Cigarettes and CBD Pre-Rolls To Smoke

Cloud N9ne CBD Pre-Rolled
Written by Ofer Shoshani

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Take a look at some of the best CBD cigarettes and CBD pre-rolls we have shared with our readers.

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Cloud N9ne CBD Pre-Rolls

50% Discount on Cloud N9ne CBD Pre-Rolls

50% Discount on Cloud N9ne CBD Pre-Rolls

The Cloud N9ne CBD flower 5 pack of CBD pre-rolls comes in a beautiful and sturdy box. Each pre-roll is weighed to guarantee a minimum of .5g for a max of 2.5g per box.
Currently you can get them with a 50% discount!

Choose from the following strains: Special Sauce, Therapy Tea and Cherry Wine.

Get your CBD Pre-Rolls (with a 50% discount)

CBDoobie, the first natural CBD joint

CBDoobie: The First Natural CBD Joint (Euphoric Labs)

CBDoobie: The First Natural CBD Joint (Euphoric Labs)

Looking for instant relief? Try CBDoobie, the first natural CBD joint.
​​​​​​​Made from an organic proprietary herbal blend, the CBDoobie gives you the taste of an amazing strain with the effects of CBD.

Choose from the following terpene profiles (60mg): Strawberry Diesel, Super Lemon Haze, Jack Herer, OG Kush and Strawberry Lemonade flavored (200mg).

Get your CBDoobie – The first natural CBD joint (with 25% discount)

CBD Fatty, your smokable CBD herb stick

CBD Fatty (Diamond CBD)

CBD Fatty (Diamond CBD)

Another good alternative to smoking CBD flowers, is the CBD Fatty, ‘your smokable CBD herb stick’.

The CBD Fatty is made of premium CBD infused Himalayan and Indian herbs with 100mg of CBD in each ‘herbal joint’. The CBD Fatty has zero THC in it, and comes in the following flavors: Gorrila OG, Purple Haze, Sour Diesel and ‘Regular‘.

Get it as a pre-rolled king sized Fatty, or buy it as loose dry herbs and roll your own.

Get your CBD Fatty

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Why smoke CBD pre-rolls and CBD cigarettes?

If you don’t feel like vaping hemp flowers, even with all the medical benefits, then smoking CBD flowers can offer instant relief and an overall very pleasurable experience. Lucky for you, many premium CBD flowers are now coming in the form of CBD cigarettes or CBD pre-rolls, making life much easier. Your main choice as a consumer is simply the strain of the hemp flower, as the price is usually around $10 for a 1g of CBD pre-roll / $5 for 0.5 g.

People who use CBD cigarettes and CBD pre-rolls usually report receiving a wide variety of benefits from them, making them a great recreational CBD product.

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