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5 Best CBD Edibles in the US (With THC)

Written by Julie Godard

CBD edibles are some of the most enjoyable and interesting products on the cannabis market in the US, but the sheer volume of choices can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly if you’re new to the CBD and cannabis world.

The purpose of CBD is not to get you high, after all, but to help you with pain, health issues, and anxiety that might be keeping you from living your very best life on this planet. Let’s explore some of the best CBD edibles options in the US (with or without THC)

1. Best CBD gummies 

PureKANA CBD Gummies

PureKANA CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are delicious, delightful, and widely available in the U.S. because they are at least 99% CBD and can be mailed almost anywhere in the country. Gummies come in many different shapes, sizes, flavors, and packaging depending on where you live and what your favorites are. My favorite brand is PureKana CBD Vegan gummies, 20 to a bottle and 25 mg each.

2. Best CBD Honey

CBD honey is one of my favorite edibles, simply because it can go in so many things from baked goods to coffee to fabulous desserts. Colorado Hemp Honey from Frangiosa Farms produces one of the best small-batch artisan hemp honeys available anywhere. While the original Raw Relief 12 ounce 1,000mg, full spectrum hemp extract honey is awesome, they’ve also started producing new flavors such as: Tangerine Tranquility, Lemon Stress Less, Ginger Soothe, and their newest addition Turmeric & Black Pepper. Plus the glass containers are useful, recyclable, and the little bee mandala is super cute.

3. Best CBD Candy & Treats 

cookies cream

cookies cream

Blue Kudu is one of the original CBD candy and cookie pioneers in the U.S., located in Denver, Colorado, one of the homes of the new cannabis and CBD movement. For medical patients, we recommend their delectable Cookies & Cream 400mg hybrid. If you don’t like the THC CBD 1:1 ratio, try their Black Cherry dark chocolate 300mg products. As an added bonus, Blue Kudu sources its cocoa from Fair Trade Certified Farms through the Rainforest Alliance.

4. Best CBD Churro 

The Venice Cookie Company makes this super delicioso little CBD churro cookie that is delumptious on your tongue. Their motto is “Peace. Love. Cannabis” so you know they must have it right. They’ve been doing cannabis cookies and other yummy treats like pretzels since 2008. These little bundles of cinnamon joy churros are 100mg CBD to 100 mg THC, and only have 26.5 calories per cookie. They’re also made with almond milk (read: vegan) in case you’re not doing dairy.

5. Best CBD Gumdrops

Last but by no means least, Lord Jones and the ubiquitous Sigur Rós have banded together to make scintillating high-dose CBD gumdrops flavored with Icelandic foraged berries. They’re pretentiously called “Lord Jones + Sigur Rós Limited Edition All Natural Sigurberry Gumdrops” and they’ll set you back a tidy sum of $60. No, I can’t tell you what kind of Icelandic berries are in them.

Well, that’s the best of CBD edibles in the U.S. for now. Keep the comments coming and let us know if you’ve found something better out there on the CBD horizon. Happy munching!

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