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Best Ways To Reduce Smell From Cannabis Growing Facilities

Written by Corre Addam

Anyone in the know is clear that when it comes to growing cannabis, strong odors are a force to be reckoned with….

As cannabis slowly makes its way to legality, whether for medical or recreational purposes, across much of North America and Europe, it’s worth knowing how best to mask the smell. If you are growing plants, lest someone calls the cops on you, it’s best to keep things on the down low, as much as possible.

There are certainly a number of measures you can take to mitigate the odors, but you need to be clear about how to do that. For starters, you will want to install some carbon filters in the grow room itself. They capture a large amount of smells and are a common feature in most grows. They also remove impurities from the air, potentially increasing the quality of the cannabis.

Next, there’s using negative space air pressure to alleviate smells. The negative space air pressure is achieved by strong fans inside the grow room, which ensure that air is drawn into the fan outtake, and not through any cracks in the wall. These fans basically ensure that the smells remain inside the room, and do not escape.

Special odor neutralizers are also a must in any serious grow operation, especially if it located in a densely populated residential area. Basically these are air fresheners but are of course heavy duty, industrial-grade, made of gels and oils which bind with the cannabis smells, hence removing them from the air. However, these gels are there to lap up the surplus smells which have escaped from the grow room, and should not be placed inside the room itself.

Next on the checklist is air filters. while air filters do not control smells well, when set up like carbon filters they do help to reduce odors. They also catch mold and larger dust particles, ensuring the grow room environment is optimal. So in short, using air filters is a good move, but only in conjunction with other things like carbon filters.

Finally on our list today, it’s time to check your grow equipment. If your grow is getting stinky, ensure the air filters and carbon filters are clean and in good working order, same for fans and lights.

Following these steps will ensure a more successful and higher quality yield from your crop, and that will end up being the healthiest and most money-friendly option you can choose.

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