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CBD Water: The Latest And Greatest Cannabis Innovation?

CBD Water
Written by Corre Addam

Drinking water has been fortified and improved with various minerals, ions and electrolytes for many years. Now, allow us to introduce, CBD water…

CBD is the second most popular compound in the cannabis plant, and is already used by thousands of people to manage stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and a whole host of other medical issues. CBD is legal in many countries when taken alone, mainly due to the fact it has no noticeable psychoactive effects on the patient.

CBD can be administered via oil, tinctures, creams, suppositories and now, CBD water. CBD water is said to deliver a constant and ongoing dose of CBD and helps with things like inflammation, pain and anxiety disorders, as mentioned. But it also holds some great potential for athletes who want to hydrate but not become bloated.

If you are thinking about adding some of your CBD spray or oil to some water, don’t bother as oil and water don’t mix. If you wanted to make your own CBD water you would need to obtain some good quality CBD crystals that dissolve in water easily.

As CBD water is a relatively new concept, it isn’t so simple to make at home, especially when it comes to correct dosing and best mixing practices. If you want to save yourself the hassle of making a mistake, why not go ahead and purchase one of the many branded CBD water products on the market today.

CBD Living Water is one of the companies selling the product. According to their website, their water, “takes CBD and Nutrients and puts them through a process using Nano Technology which, Nano sizes them into tiny particles, one millionth of their size.”

Other new CBD water brand names on the market include CBD Fusion Water & Hemp Springs, Canna Nanno Water and Kind Water. Kind Water differs from the others slightly as they infuse terpenes into their water, giving a unique flavor as well as experience.

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