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CBD Cannabis Cigarettes To Hit Swiss Supermarkets

CBD Cannabis Cigarettes
Written by Corre Addam

If you are over 18, you can buy boxes of CBD-rich cannabis cigarettes from supermarkets and news kiosks in Switzerland.

Having recently reported on the current boom in the CBD and hemp industry in Switzerland, new reports have confirmed that by the end of the month boxes of the special cigarettes, sold in twenties, will be on the shelf near to the rich Swiss chocolate and sumptuous cheese.

The new product will be sold at news kiosks around the country, but amazingly, will be stocked by Coop, one of Switzerland’s largest and most reputable supermarket chains.

What are being dubbed the ‘world’s first hemp cigarette,’ produced commercially, won’t get you high though. That’s because the law in Switzerland is that cannabis can only contain a a maximum of 1% THC, the active compound which has all the psychedelic effects. Compare that to the 20% THC common in recreational cannabis strains, and you realize this new product is not for designed for getting stoned.

The company behind the new product, Heimat, claim that their product contains 20% CBD, which is high by any standards, and that could offer relief from pain, inflammation, depression and anxiety, epilepsy, and a host of other medical issues.

The Local publication in Switzerland reported on a Coop spokesman who told them that the product will be in “high demand” as customers have been asking when they will arrive. A box of the cigarettes will set you back around $20, and will also be available for purchase on the company’s website.

The is one issue with the new product though, and that is because it is a blend of CBD and tobacco. As such, this cannot be classed strictly as a healthy product, if you consider the 7000 dangerous chemicals which tobacco contains, not to mention the addictive nature of nicotine.

The company describes its product as, “(A)The natural tobacco-and-hemp blend develops a bouquet of mild, sweet and spicy aromas when smoked, exuding the unmistakable scent of cannabis.” Very fruity sounding, but tobacco is not healthy, no matter how it is worded.

To date, Heimat has reported that their new product has proven so popular at pre-launch that they have barely been able to handle all the orders.

[Featured image credit- Pixabay]

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