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Why It’s Alright To Take Your Medical Cannabis Guilt Free

Written by Corre Addam

Many people feel guilty when it comes to taking medical cannabis, but is that negative emotion really warranted here?

Cannabis prohibition has been in place for decades now, and that has had a knock on effect in terms of societal taboos, which transverse generations. It makes perfect sense, as cannabis, an age-old medicinal herb used by millions over thousands of years across the four corners of the globe, is illegal, a controlled substance, and one that carries jail time in some countries.

With all that negative press, it’s no wonder many folks find themselves caught somewhere between guilt and paranoia. Imagine if you will what life would be like if alcohol was illegal and prohibited. Standing in a back alley trying to chug down an illegal beer would be no fun. The same applies to cannabis.

Cannabis is something that relaxes a person and can heal them from a host of medical ailments, not least, chronic pain. The last thing anyone wants is to be looking over their shoulder for a cop who might arrest them and that worry even has an effect for some people in terms of not being able to fully benefit from cannabis due to worry.

These days, and I mean the last 5-10 years, the status of medical cannabis is very much in flux, is legal even recreationally in some countries, and is provided on a medical basis to thousands of people across the world. Attitudes towards cannabis are slowly changing, with daily news of more and more countries and states legalizing at an exponential rate.

There is no need to feel guilty anymore about taking cannabis, and that’s thanks to much research and some really funky technology.

The fact is that we now know that cannabis contains numerous medicinal compounds, such as THC and CBD, which have been proved in medical studies to relieve a whole host of things, not to mention a great way to move off of dangerous and highly addictive opioids, the type which are prescribed by family doctors at an alarming and questionable rate.

But there’s another great reason, in fact there are many, why you can enjoy cannabis in 2018, totally guilt free.

Until fairly recently, the only real way to take cannabis was either to smoke it. Usually in a bong or wrapped in paper, and often with tobacco. The other way was to eat it, but that is crude and needs to include the process of decarboxylation in order to activate the compounds in the plant.

In this day and age, tobacco, papers, blunts and other carcinogens can be totally removed from the picture, and medical cannabis can be vaporized healthily and with zero implications for lung health. Other ways to take medical cannabis are growing in popularity, such as described below.


When you combust plant matter into your lungs, no matter what plant it is, there are some carcinogens and nasties which cannot be avoided. Vaporizers, invented and perfected only recently, work like an oven to heat your cannabis to a pre-determined temperature, without going near combustion. This means that the active compounds in the plant are released, but the user can enjoy it guilt free, as they are not damaging their lungs in any significant way.


Back in the day, me and my buddies would sometimes chew and swallow a piece of hash, usually one cut with henna and not that pure. An hour later we would feel a buzz, feel a little sick, then sleep for 15 hours. Some guys tried to eat dry bud, but it never really worked well. These days, with the advent of legalization, you can enjoy properly prepared edibles such as space cakes, brownies, cannabutter, and just about any food that can be infused with activated cannabis. Once again, guilt free (apart from the inherent calories.)

Concentrated Extract Pens

Basically, it doesn’t get much more guilt free than this. People have worked out a way to extract the active compounds in cannabis to an extremely high concentration, with THC levels of 69 percent and upwards. The concentrate pens, which follow the same principle as an E-cigarette, contains high THC extract, terpenes, and some Propylene Glycol (an FDA chemical compound used in food additives.) These pens are hard hitting, clean and almost odourless, and highly convenient.

Cannabis Capsules, Oils And Sprays

THC crystals can be collected and put inside capsules for oral consumption. It may take a good hour to feel the effects, but those effects are strong depending on your dose, and also highly convenient and totally guiltless. Just like taking any pill or capsule, those in need of pain relief can opt to swallow cannabis in pill or capsule form, same applies to sprays. Exactly the same principle applies to the various cannabis oils and sprays available on the market today.

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