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Special Sauce (US ONLY!)

Empire Wellness Special Sauce

Looking for a premium hemp flower?

With over 12% CBD and less than 0.3% THC, Special Sauce is a good high-CBD hemp flower to begin with, especially if you have never tried High-CBD Flowers before.

Buy your Special Sauce hemp flower (US ONLY!)

Lemon Skunk Hemp Flower (EU ONLY!)

Lemon Skunk hemp flower (HempElf)

This premium high-CBD hemp flower (12% CBD) is very rich in terpenes with a dense bud formation.

Flavours: Zesty & skunky.
Trim: Thick formation, glazed with trichomes.
Effect: Clear headed day-time relaxation.

The Lemon Skunk THC levels are under 0.2% as required by the EU regulations.

Get your Lemon Skunk flower (EU ONLY!)

Califlower CBD Nugs – 19.25% CBD (US ONLY!)

CaliFlower Nugs (Empire Wellness)

The Califlower CBD Nugs are packed with flavor and, more importantly, CBD. With three different options we offer varying flavors, concentrations, and targeted relief. Now you can share a Nug with your friends and share an experience. Light one up and relax.

The Califlower CBD Nugs comes in 3.5g or 7g bottles, and you can choose between four available strains: Platinum Leaf, Diesel Fire or Hydro.

Buy your Califlower CBD Nugs now! (US ONLY!)

CBD Hash: Nepal Cream 22% CBD (EU ONLY!)

Napel Cream Legal CBD Hash (HempElf)

Nepal Cream CBD Hash (HempElf)If you are looking for a unique CBD experience, this dark creamy CBD hash is the one product for try. Meeting regulatory requirements, this 22% CBD hash is made from hemp, with THC levels under 0.2%.  Unlike other CBD hash products, the Nepal Cream does not crumble into dust and has a delicious flavor.

Get your Nepal Cream Legal Hash (EU ONLY!)

Space Candy (US ONLY!)

Empire Wellness Space Candy

Wish to add some CBG to your life?

This CBGa rich strain (1.5%) offers you a unique experience due to the presence of this popular new cannabinoid. With total CBD of 8.5% and THC under 0.3%, this is a safe strain for you to test CBG.

Buy your Space Candy hemp flower (US ONLY!)