Product Reviwers Wanted - Dream Job

Product Reviewers Wanted – Get Paid To Try Cannabis Products!

If you’re looking for the ultimate cannabis industry job, we have the perfect option for you: Product Reviewers.

As a product reviewer, your job will be to test new cannabis products, every week, and post a short review.

Product Reviewers Wanted: CBD Testers is looking for skilled and experienced people to try new cannabis and hemp products. Once approved, you will get all the latest and trendiest cannabis products delivered straight to your door, free, and also get paid for your reviews.

That includes any cannabinoid-based products you can think of such as Flowers, Delta 9 THC gummies, Delta 8 vape cartridges, HHC disposables, THC-P tinctures, CBN softgels, CBD cream and so many more!

If you want to get paid testing cannabis products, this is the ultimate opportunity for you!


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