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CBD Suppliers – Quality Requirements 

Product Quality Assurance Methodology:

  1. Manufacturer/supplier qualification

Every CBD tester’s products manufacturer and/or supplier will be qualified through a 3 stages process:

  1. Quality questionnaire
  2. Products analysis and testing certifications review
  3. Quality agreement

Moving from one step to the next one can be allowed only if the manufacturer/supplier meets all the pre-requisite requirements.

In case a manufacturer does not meet the qualification criteria, CBD Testers experts can support you throughout the certification process.

  1. What differs CBD testers products manufacturer and suppliers from the rest?

Quality Management System (QMS) and Good Practices (GxP)

  • Our certified manufacturers/suppliers will operate an effective quality system and follow good practices
  • Our certified manufacturers/suppliers top priority is to supply the CBD tester’s community with safe and high quality products. With our guidance and feedback your cannabis products accuracy, consistency, purity and efficacy will be improved greatly.
  • Our certified manufacturers/suppliers may be subjected to quality audits by CBD testers quality team and/or external auditor on their behalf offering you new ideas for quality system, procedures and products improvements.
  • Our certified manufacturers/suppliers working procedures will be based on written SOPs and controlled documents. All relevant employees and/or contractors will be trained on relevant SOPs
  • Our certified manufacturers/suppliers will be obligated to inspect their raw materials, bulk product, printed materials and packaging material suppliers/manufacturers quality
  • Materials and products will be labeled properly and stored in a controlled environment in order to maintain product quality and traceability
  • Our certified manufacturers/suppliers will be obligated to approve their product’s shelf life declaration
  • Our certified manufacturers/suppliers will implement the required process controls, in order to achieve continuous quality improvement and minimize failure rate reductions
  • Our certified manufacturers/suppliers will implement and manage deviations investigations and CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Actions) systems in order to meet quality standards and continued improvement
  • Our certified manufacturers/suppliers will be obligated to inform us with any change which may have an impact in product safety/quality such as raw material supplier replacement, technology changes etc.


  • Our certified manufacturers/suppliers are well experienced in the medical cannabis industry with a minimum 2 years experience in new Cannabis-based product development, manufacturing and supply chain
  • Our certified manufacturers/suppliers are novel delivery system, technology and products development oriented

Products/materials analysis

All raw material, products and packaging will be pharma grade and will meet formal release specifications before release to our customers

  • Our certified manufacturers/suppliers use an external certified laboratories for their bulk and final products analysis and release
  • Each product type will be analyzed for heavy metals, pesticide residuals, toxins, microbial level and Cannabinoids assay periodically.
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