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Advantages For Suppliers Joining The CBD Testers Program

The CBD Testers program is a unique CBD Products distribution initiative that allows producers to constantly improve their products while expanding their reach and generate more sales.

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Suppliers who qualify for the CBD testers program will benefit from the following advantages:

Marketing, Branding & Distribution

Focus your efforts on your products

We all know how difficult it is to create a safe, accurate, consistent and pure product, perfectly answering the dynamic medical needs of your clients. By partnering with us, we will handle the marketing and distribution to our fast growing community, leaving you to focus your efforts on what you do best, product development and manufacturing.

By joining our program you will gain access to a supply of new potential clients, eager to test your products. In fact, you are only limited by the quality of your product and the number of samples you provide to our members. Gain an edge over your competitors who need to handle both development and marketing, while you can focus your efforts on the product itself.

Expand to new markets

Our constantly growing community is a lively and active one. We keep members up-to-date with the latest developments, increase their brand loyalty and answer their need for information, compassion, relief, and well-being. By joining our program you will get an unlimited supply of new potential clients, eager to test your products.

Since our community consists of people from across the world, we can assist you to expand to new territories based on regulatory requirements, reach more audiences, or even be the first to market cannabis products in countries, just opening CBD and other Cannabis based products.

Get direct feedback from your potential clients

As part of the CBD Testers program, our community members evaluate your products usage experience, quality, efficacy and side effects. We share our product surveys with premium partners, who receive a detailed and objective survey report about their products from hundreds CBD users and potential customers. As a supplier, you have a unique opportunity to use this data in order to improve your product, and match client’s demands with specific products.

Introduce your brand in the most favorable way 

Only qualified suppliers who follow our quality methodology and guidelines can join the CBD Testers Program. As a result, our community members know that your product is high-quality and safe, so they can try it and consider purchasing more in the future. Since we are sending your samples to potential clients who have expressed a desire to test that specific product type, together with our quality stamp, you have a better chance of making a successful first impression on them with your products.

Test new products

Spending a lot of your efforts creating the “next big thing” just to be met with fierce competition can be a devastating experience. By partnering with us, we introduce your products to the right target audience, while reducing your efforts and errors in terms of market penetration to a minimum. By testing your new products in advance, you will get important feedback from your potential clients, reduce the risk of failure and create a waiting list of people, willing to buy your high-quality products, once they are ready.

Enjoy being CBD Testers Verified 

As a result of partnering with us, you will earn a ‘CBD Testers Verified’ status. The CBD Testers Verified is a seal of Quality Assurance consumers can trust and look for the next time they go shopping for a remedy.

Click HERE to join ‘The CBD Testers’ approved suppliers list.

Quality & Regulations  

Improve your product quality to pharma-grade and establish an advanced and effective Quality Management System

Since cannabis products are being used by patients, you must assure it is pharma-grade quality. Our experienced quality department led by QA and GMP experts and pharma veterans will instruct you how to achieve this goal in a cost-effective process. By joining our program you will have a unique opportunity to improve your product quality, safety, and efficacy.

Get ready for future regulations

Currently, Cannabis products regulation is relatively poor but not for long. As part of Cannatech.News’ we are closely monitoring regulation changes and future trends. By working with us, you will verify today, that your facility, working procedures and product comply with future regulation and standards.

Reduce the risk for product recalls and patients harm

While we all thrive to produce the best Cannabis product, lack of information and good practices implementation can result in an inferior one. By following our quality system methodology adjusted from the Pharmaceutical industry into the Cannabis industry, you will reduce the risk for product recalls, your brand reputation and more important, patients harm.

Click HERE to join ‘The CBD Testers’ approved suppliers list.

You can learn more about our quality requirements HERE.