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Amnesia CBD Flower (HempElf)

One of Europe’s most popular CBD Flowers is back! With up to 13% CBD this is your first choice when you need a good hemp flower to smoke or vape.

Flavours: Zesty, earthy and sharp.
Trim: Very sticky, large buds, covered in trichomes.
Effect: mild relaxation, social and uplifting.
Amnesia THC levels are under 0.2% as required by the EU regulations.
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Lemon Skunk Hemp Flower

Lemon Skunk Hemp Flower

This premium high-CBD hemp flower (12% CBD) is very rich in terpenes with a dense bud formation.

Flavours: Zesty & skunky.
Trim: Thick formation, glazed with trichomes.
Effect: Clear headed day-time relaxation.

The Lemon Skunk THC levels are under 0.2% as required by the EU regulations.

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Strawberry Kush Hemp Flower

Strawberry Kush (HempElf)

The Strawberry Kush premium hemp flower is known for its sweet and earthy aroma.
With total CBD of 13% this High-CBD hemp flower is one of the best flowers in the EU.
Flavours: Sweet & earthy.
Trim: Large buds, dense and sticky.
Effect: Uplifting and calming.

Nepal Cream (CBD Hash) – 22% CBD

Nepal Cream CBD Hash (HempElf)If you are looking for a unique CBD experience, this dark creamy CBD hash is the one product for try. Meeting regulatory requirements, this 22% CBD hash is made from hemp, with THC levels under 0.2%.  Unlike other CBD hash products, the Nepal Cream does not crumble into dust and has a delicious flavor.

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KannaSwiss CBD Hash (10% CBD)

KannaSwiss CBD Hash

After CBD Flowers, legal CBD Hash is the most wanted product among our EU reader. With THC<0.2 this product is available wherever CBD is legal. As one of the first to introduce Legal Hash to the world, KannaSwiss hash is a state-of-art recreational CBDproduct, derived from organic hemp flowers and enriched with terpenes to offer instantly recognizable flavors.

Want to try KannaSwiss legal CBD hash? Buy it now!

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