Best Cannabis Tincture Deals – Summer 2022

Cannabis tinctures – such a versatile product that often gets much less attention than it truly deserves. Tinctures are discreet, potent, and make for relatively easy dosing. As the market continues to grow, so does the level of variety in the tincture sector. In addition to different cannabinoids, you can now find dozens of different, strain-specific tinctures and even some that contain only isolated terpenes. It’s truly an amazing time to be a cannabis consumer!

Tinctures are a form of extract that can be obtained from nearly any plant that has usable compounds. Typically, ethyl alcohol is used for the extraction, but glycerin is also frequently used, as is vinegar. The second two options are utilized more by those who don’t want to use alcohol for whatever reason, but even if alcohol is used, it can (and should) be burned off at the end of the process.

When it comes to cannabis, the goal is to extract the most important features in the plant – so the cannabinoids and terpenes. Some tinctures are full spectrum and contain all the naturally extracted plant compounds, others contain very specific blends of cannabinoids, terpenes, or a combination of the two, and some are made with straight, isolated compounds.

Compared to other weed products, tinctures are one of the best to use therapeutically – because they are healthy to consume and easy to dose. You should feel the effects anywhere between 15-45 minutes with a peak at about 90 minutes. High potency tinctures can last for up to 3 hours, which is great because you don’t have to medicate every hour. Check out our list of amazing tinctures below, and check back regularly for updates as new products are released.

If tinctures are your thing, then you’re in luck because we have compiled a list of some of the best cannabinoid tincture deals on the market! Remember, these deals are reserved for subscribers of The THC Weekly Newsletter, so make sure to sign up below if you haven’t yet. We’ve also got standout offers on cannabinoids, like HHC-O, Delta 8Delta 9 THCDelta-10 THCTHCOTHCVTHCP HHC, which won’t kill your bank account. Head over to our “Best-of” lists to get these deals, and remember to enjoy responsibly!


25% Discount On THCP Tinctures

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Another great way to experience this new high-potency cannabinoid, is by using a THCP tincture and getting full control of the dosage. As THCP is considered to be one of the strongest cannabinoids, using a tincture will allow you to start low and grow slow, which is the right way to handle new products.

Currently, as part of our ongoing promotion, you can get a 25% discount on all bundles, using the Delta25 coupon code. Take advantage of this great stocking-up opportunity and buy premium THCP tinctures (1000mg) for as-low-as $25/bottle, a unique price for this hard-to-find product.

TIP: Start low and grow slow as this is one strong product…

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Get 25% Off THC-H Tinctures

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25% discount on THC-H tinctures - Tincture deals

This THC-H tincture comes with 1000mg of premium Delta 8, THC-H and THC-P distillate paired with MCT oil for an easy and enjoyable body and mind experience. For dosing, start with 1/4 to 1/2 drop at a time to see effects within 1 hour.

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Try HHC-O Tinctures for Less Than $30 Each!

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25% discount on HHC-O tinctures - Tincture deals

These HHC-O tinctures contain 1000mg premium 92% HHC-O acetate distillate, suspended in MCT (medium-chain triglycerides). With tinctures, and especially a potent one like this, you’ll want to try taking 1/4 to 1/2 drop at a time to see effects within 1 hour.

TIP: Use the ‘Delta25’ coupon code to try this HHC-O tincture for only $28.49  each!

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(Using ‘Delta25’ coupon code)

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