Promote Your CBD Flowers The Smart Way

Make sure your CBD flowers reach the correct audience. With our new CBD Flowers Advertising package, you can reach potential customers all over the United States.

CBD Testers started as a medical cannabis media site, dedicated to uncovering the various medical benefits of cannabinoids. While we’ve remained true to our roots, we have also branched out and began to extensively cover other cannabis industry niches such as business affairs, and of course, the growing trend of CBD Flowers. Based on our experience,  and after working closely with leading suppliers, we have developed a better way to advertise CBD flowers.  

Today, we are a trusted resource for thousands of people looking for the best CBD Flowers at the most competitive prices. As such, we are currently working to build a directory of the best CBD flower strains (and prerolls) to provide our mailing list of 10,000+ people with as many options as possible.

Ultimately, our goal is to help CBD flower companies and consumers find each other. We want to provide canna-businesses with the best method to advertise their CBD flowers, all the while providing customers with a source they can trust to consistently lead them to the best CBD flowers on the market.

Our comprehensive advertising package is truly the best way to promote your CBD flowers. This marketing bundle will utilize multiple avenues through CBD Testers to put your product in front of thousands of potential customers. Not only will your strains get more attention, they will be verified by us, so all future consumers will know they are safe, high-quality, and effective. 

This is a quick summary of what you can get with our CBD Flowers Advertising Package:

  • 2 product spotlights in two of our weekly newsletters
  • 2 sponsored article highlighting your products 
  • The option of introducing your products to our readers by sending samples for review
  • A shout out on our social media networks
  • The option to share a coupon code with our subscribers to encourage first-time buyers.


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