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Top Cyber Monday Disposable Deals Today

Cyber Monday Disposable Deals
Written by Ofer Shoshani

Everyone love disposables. They are small, discreet, easy-to-use and require zero preparion. While the 1ml is the most common one, 0.5ml and 2ml disposables are also widely available. Just in time for Cyber Monday, we have created a short list of the best disposable deals today.

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Top Cyber Monday Disposable Deals Today:

Disposable Deal #1: 35% Discount On HHC Disposables

35% Discount On HHC Discposables

Have you tried the new HHC products?

HHC is a simplified version of Delta-9 THC, the ‘regular’ THC coming from cannabis. Both Delta-9 THC and HHC are psychoactive cannabinoids that can make you feel ‘high’, but unlike THC, HHC might not show up on drug tests, which makes it very attractive for some audiences…

With hemp-derived HHC finally arriving to the market, we’re now offered a wide range of HHC products to choose from, with vape carts, disposables and gummies aleading the sales. As usual, disposables are among the most popular products. Take advantage of the site-wide 35% discount and put your hands on the new HHC disposables.

Choose between God’s Gift (Indica) and Purple Punch (Hybrid) and don’t forget to use the 35Testers coupon code.

Cyber Monday HHC Deal – 35% discount using the 35Testers coupon code. This deal will run from the 11/25 to the 11/29.

Click HERE to buy HHC disposables

(With 35Testers coupon code)

Disposable Deal #2: 20% Discount On The Indica ‘Entourage’ Disposable

20% Discount On The Indica ‘Entourage’ Disposable

One of the most interesting products available today, is the new ‘Entourage‘ line, by Utuya. Each one of these disposables feature a carefully selected blend of psychoactive cannabinoids, making it a truely unique product. Now, using the cbdflowers coupon code, you can get it with a 20% discount.

With 40% HHC, 35% Delta-8 THC, 10% CBN, 8% THC-O, 5% CBD and 2% CBG, the Indica ‘Entourage’ disposable is a must-have product, if relaxation and sleep-preparation is what you want. Unlike most products in this category, using CBD and CBN, for relaxation, this one also added uplifting & euphoric experience coming from the psychoactive cannabinoids.

Choose between the following live resin terpene profiles: Deathstar, GG#4, Pineapple Diesel and Biscotti

Buy this product if happy dreams is not merely an expression for you…

Also availabe in Sativa and Hybrid versions.

Cyber Monday Disposable Deals – 20% discount using the cbdflowers coupon code.

Click HERE to buy the Indica ‘Entourage’ disposable

(With cbdflowers coupon code)

‘THC WEEKLY’ Top Cyber Monday Deals

Disposable Deals #3: 35% Discount On The Sugar Extrax Disposables

35% Discount On Sugar Extrax Disposables

If you are looking for a long-lasting product, you should try the new 2g Sugar Extrax disposables.

The Sugar Extrax is a new line of blended disposables introduced lately. Each one of these 2g disposables (double the size of regular 1g disposables!) features Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC and THC-O.

Choose this product if you want to experience the mutual benefits of Delta 8, Delta 10 and THC-O working together.

Choose between Sour Tsunami (sativa), Lemonade Kush (hybrid) and Pineapple Express (sativa).

Cyber Monday deal – 35% discount site-wide with the 35Testers coupon code. This deal will run from the 11/25 to the 11/29 so take advantage of it now..

Click HERE to buy the Sugar Extrax disposables

(With 35Testers coupon code)

Disposable Deals #4: 35% Discount On The Sugar Extrax Disposables

THC-P Disposable – Sunset Sherbert (Hybrid)

THC-P Disposable Vape - Sunset Sherbert (Hybrid)
THC-P Disposable – Sunset Sherbert (Hybrid)

Want to save big on high-potency THC-P disposables? You should try the Sunset Sherbert & Mai Tai THCP disposable. With a sweet berry & candies flavor, these discreet vapes might create a full body & mind effect and could even make you feel clear-headed and relaxed

Each one of these THC-P rechargeable disposables contain THC-P distillate, Delta-8 distillate and cannabis terpenes. 

Cyber Monday deal: Choose the 8-pack and get a 30% discount, when using the BF30 coupon code.

Click HERE to buy the new THC-P disposables

(With BF30 coupon code)

‘THC WEEKLY’ Top 5 Black Friday THC Deals

Disposable Deals #5: 30% Discount On THCO Disposables

30% Discoubt On THCO Disposable Vape – Melonatta

Just in time for Cyber Monday, 3Chi is offering a site-wide 30% discount on all their products, using thanks30 coupon code.

THCO Acetate is short for Delta 8 THC O Acetate, an acetylated version of Delta 8. This product considered to be very strong. In-fact, users who have tried it report this product to be 3 times more potent than delta 8 THC.

Each disposable contains 95% THCO oil and 5% terpenes, with no VG, PG, Vitamin E, MCT, or any other cutting agent.

Choose between: Blue Dream (hybrid) and Melonatta (sativa).

Click HERE to buy THCO disposables

(With thanks30 coupon code)

Disposable Bonus Deals: Save Big On THC-O Disposables

Premium THC-O Recharcable Disposables

Premium THC-O Recharcable Disposables - Special Bundle
Premium THC-O Recharcable Disposables

Want to experience high-quality THC-O disposables? Save big these on premium disposables, when choosing the 8-pack and using BF30 coupon code for an additional 30% discount!

Each THC-O disposable vape contains 92% THC-O and 8% cannabis terpenes. 

The 8-pack includes the following strains (two of each): Maui Wowie (Sativa), Blue Zkittlez (Indica), Dos So Dos (Indica), & White Runtz (Hybrid).

Cyber Monday deal: Choose the 8-pack and get an additional 30% discount with the BF30 discount code.

Click HERE to get THC-O recharcable disposables

(With ‘BF30’ coupon code)

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