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20% Off! Da Vinci Thanksgiving & Black Friday Sale for Dry Herb Vapes

Da Vinci Thanksgiving Sale
Written by Sarah Friedman

It’s that time of the year again, when we get together with family, and remember to be thankful for all kinds of things in life. This year, there’s another thing to be excited for. The company Da Vinci is giving one more reason to shout out ‘Thank You’ with its storewide 20% discount Thanksgiving sale on all dry herb vapes. Time is limited, so make your order today!

Da Vinci is making it super easy to get a new dry herb vape with its Thanksgiving Day sale. If you’re more into vape carts, edibles, and other delivery methods, then there are plenty of other options this Turkey Day season too. You can buy a range of cannabis compounds including delta-8 THC, THCV, THC-O-A, and more, to ensure you get what works best for you. Check out our Black Friday deals for delta-8 and more, for the happiest of Thanksgiving seasons. For more articles like this one, and for exclusive deals on flowers, vapes, edibles, and other products, remember to subscribe to The THC Weekly Newsletter. Also save big on Delta 8Delta 9 THCDelta-10 THCTHCOTHCVTHCP & HHC products by checking out our “Best-of” lists!

What is Da Vinci?

Da Vinci is a leading name in the dry herb vape field, offering premium dry herb vapes in a variety of designs, specializing in portable systems. Da Vinci has been around from the start of the vaporizer boom, opening operations in 2011. It named itself after the artist Da Vinci, who was a constant model for technology and innovation, and with this mindset the company has worked to provide advanced technology and engineering to create products that provide better vaping experiences for users.

Da Vinci employs a range of technologies for better, cleaner, tastier vaping. It uses Clean First™ Technology which is a pure material science that means employing the use of medical grade materials to ensure uncontaminated vapor. The company also uses Smart Path™ Technology on some vaporizer series (models: IQ Series and MIQRO series), which allows users to control the device temperature more precisely.

On specifically its IQ2 vaporizers, Da Vinci offers On-Device Dosage, a very cool technological enhancement that allows users to have the optimal temperature picked by the device. This is determined by the amount of herbs put in, the given THC amount for the strain of flowers used, as well as the CBD percentage, and what number bowl it is (1st, 2nd, 3rd…). This together allows users to select the perfect temperature to smoke and receive the most benefits from the flowers, based on the given information about the strength of the strain, the amount being used, and how smoked out it already is. Pretty high tech, eh?

Thanksgiving vape sale

Some models also have Boost Mode (models: IQ2, IQC, and MIQRO), another cool attribute that allows for a large hit towards the end of a vape session, in which the vape is made to heat to its highest level to ensure you’ve gotten everything out of your bud. Along with this, the IQ series and MIQRO series employ Precision Temperature, which allows a temperature setting to be picked by the user, which the device will heat to precisely. Da Vinci has a vibration notification tool so that the user always knows when the vape is heated and ready to go.

Yet another cool feature? The IQ2 and MIQRO series have something called a Zirconia Vapor Path. This cools down vapor as it leaves the chamber, for a more pleasurable, comfortable, and chilled vaping session. According to Da Vinci, its vapes cool vapor 50% more than other devices on the market, which is useful considering that vapes heat the flower up to 430°, and this Zirconia Vapor Path can bring it down to 154°.

Da Vinci Thanksgiving sale

This year, Da Vinci isn’t going to make you scramble on Black Friday to get your perfect deal, it’s got it all ready for you for Thanksgiving instead, and will end halfway through Black Friday, giving you ample time to make your purchase. Da Vinci is providing an entire site-wide Thanksgiving day sale on each piece of merchandise in the amount of 20%. That’s not bad!

Da Vinci has four main lines that are provided for sale. They include the following, with the following specific benefits:

  • DAVINCI IQ2 Vaporizer$295 BEFORE the 20% discount. These vapes can be used for dry herbs or concentrates, so you can switch between the two easily. It uses precision temperature control for accuracy, and have an air dial to control the air flow.
  • DAVINCI IQC Vaporizer$229 BEFORE the 20% discount. These vapes use Type C charging, with a heat-up time of just 30 seconds, meaning you’re ready to suck down that vapor nearly immediately after turning it on. This vape has gone through heavy metal testing as well so users can be assured of a safe product!
  • DAVINCI MIQRO Vaporizer$99 BEFORE the 20% discount. These mini vapes are 33% smaller than the IQ vapes for more stealth vaping. This model uses the Sealed Zirconia VaporPath to cool the produced vapor to close to 150º from sometimes over 400º, making for a cooler vaping experience than other options on the market. This vape is also great for users who want to micro-dose.
dry herb
  • MIQRO Explorers Collection$119 BEFORE the 20% discount. These vapes use Clean First ™ Technology like the rest of the offered vapes, to ensure a safe product. They come with all kinds of accessories, and include an Ultimate Micro-Doser Kit, for users more interested in taking smaller doses.

Da Vinci vaporizers can be bought online, where this Thanksgiving day sale is taking place. They can also be bought at brick and mortar stores. Not every store selling vape equipment is created equally though, and Da Vinci includes a Store Finder on its site so prospective buyers can check out models in their closest location. Interested buyers who want to take advantage of the sale should purchase directly from the site.

Dry herb vapes

Vapes are very much in the mainstream media these days, but this doesn’t necessarily have to do with dry herb vapes. There are three main kinds of vapes out right now, and different issues concerning them. Da Vinci puts out dry herb vapes. These vapes are battery powered premium portable vaporizers meant almost solely for the use of cannabis flowers, not concentrates or oils. Having said this, Da Vinci’s IQ2 Series does allow use with concentrates and dry herbs.

Vape pens or vapes meant for oils and concentrates, are slightly different, employing a cartridge used for the concentrates, which is attached to a battery. And finally, though some might not put it in this category, dab rigs are also vaporizers of another sort, though coming in a bong format, and used specifically for concentrates. Dabs use fire to heat concentrates, and water to filter the vapor, but the result is a vapor that’s not very different from the vapors produced by oil carts since it utilizes concentrates. Dabs don’t have some of the safety issues that vape pens and dry herb vapes can have, in that heavy metal contamination is not relevant, unless it comes from the herbs themselves.

One of the things that all vape carts and dry herb vapes have in common, is the ability for heavy metal contamination. In the case of dry herb vapes, it has to do with the metal pieces being used in the device, heating and releasing heavy metals into the vapor. Simply using the correct parts made of the right materials can greatly decrease heavy metal contamination. Premium companies like Da Vinci are at the forefront of safe vape technology.

Vape carts have this issue too, along with the problem that the heavy metals can actually leach into the vape fluid, even when the cartridge is not being used, something that won’t happen with dry herbs. Vape carts come with added complications concerning chemical additives and synthetics being used in place of actual cannabis, which can make dry herb vaping the better prospect. For this reason, its important to know where you’re getting your product from, and safety measures being used.

vape sale

Dry herb vapes work to heat the herbs, but not enough to make them burn. This is important as lighting any material on fire and breathing it in, is dangerous, as smoke itself is carcinogenic. Vaping provides for the plant material (or oil) to be heated to a point just below combustion, which allows a vapor to be created, which is then breathed in. Dry herb vapes are usually conduction or convention (or a combination of the two).

Convection has to do with air being heated and then passing through the herb, conduction involves heating the herbs in an internal bowl, generally made of stainless steel or ceramic. Convection is generally considered to be the better method, though conduction is easier to produce, particularly for portable models. Da Vinci uses conduction for its vapes. Both methods work very well.


Turkey Day is practically here and that means two things. Being grateful for all the good things in life (and surviving it at all), and, of course, that its time to start looking forward to the winter holiday season. Da Vinci is helping with both, with this year’s Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday sale. You can order your new vape in time to be thankful for it, and do some great holiday shopping for everyone else in your family.

So happy Turkey Day to all! And make sure to have everything you need to get through all the family drama of being thankful this year!

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