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B2B Deal on Award-Winning, High-End Hemp Flowers – Bleugenius – Limited Stock Available

Written by Alexandra Hicks

This week we have an amazing B2B deal on pounds of Bleugenius Hemp Flower – a USDA certified organic, award-winning strain with high levels of CBD.

Bleugenius is an autoflowering strain that’s unique when compared to other popular strains of hemp flower. It’s considered a boutique strain, so will sell at top shelf prices in your shop, and it will sell fast! It’s frequently noted as having a much stronger flavor and aroma than other hemp buds. The terpene levels and strength of flavor is comparable to regular cannabis buds, but the effects leave one feeling relaxed, yet alert and present.

Another thing that makes Bleugenius unique is its color. Unlike most hemp buds which vary in shades of green, these flowers have a deep purple hue. The leaves and buds of both hemp and cannabis plants turn purple when exposed to colder than normal growing temperatures. Some cannabis and hemp strains have what’s called a “true purple” phenotype, which means these buds will turn purple regardless of what you do to their environment.

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Why You Want Bleugenius In Your Shop

Aside from looking more exotic and appealing, buds with purple tones are often cited has having much stronger flavor profiles, and when it comes to flavor, Bleugenius certainly does not disappoint with notes of citrus, lemongrass, pepper, floral sweetness, and earthiness.

But let’s get to the important information about these Canna Cup, award-winning buds. Bleugenius is grown by Oregon Sweet Aroma farms that operates under Rivers Turn. Oregon Sweet Aroma’s primary grower, Ehud Keartes, was born in a small agricultural community in Israel and he brought his knowledge with him to the United States in 1981. This farm has long been committed to organic farming, permaculture, and promoting biodiversity. Bleugenius is grown under these standards, 100% organically with no added pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Top-shelf Bleugenius CBD Flower

Lab results place the CBD content of this strain at a comfortable 13%. Consumers state that they feel the effects of the plant strongly in when it comes to relaxation and anxiety relief, but they remain clear headed and don’t feel tired or lethargic.

This is a great strain for consumers who are looking to relieve their anxiety with minimal side effects. Stock is limited to only 1,500 pounds, so act now before it sells out. This flower will NOT be grown again during the 2020 harvest, so this will be your only opportunity to purchase it. We are offering an exclusive deal on this strain, only valid for this weekend.

How To Get These Flowers

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Alexandra Hicks

Managing editor at Cannadelics and U.S based journalist, helping spread the word about the many benefits of using cannabis and psychedelics.