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The Best of Post Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals – Vapes, Gummies & Disposable

Written by Alexandra Hicks

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday is now ober, and all eyes on Christmas, the next big sale events, check out our list of the very best post Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

After A LOT of searching, emailing, ‘blood, sweat, and tears’, we were able to put together this list of the ultimate Post Black Friday Deals / Cyber Monday deals for vapes cartridges, gummies, disposables, edibles and flowers.

Although we were sent many deals to choose from, we felt that most were just not good enough to present to our readers. However, we did find a few diamonds in the rough. We hand-picked each and every one of deals on this list after researching various brands, strains, and leads. 

PLEASE NOTE: This list will be constantly updated between now and Cyber Monday and even after it, as some deals continue to December, so keep returning here to learn more about the best deals available now.

How to claim the deals: As always, the best deals are reserved for the subscribers of the Cannadelics newsletter, so subscribe below and get yourself the best available Delta-8, Delta-9 THC, HHC and more cannabinoid based products such as vapes, disposables, gummies and flowers.

Best Post Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals:


Post Black Friday Deals: An Additional 25% Discount Using the Delta25 Coupon Code

Get an Extra 25% Off The Price Of Knockout Gummies

(Save with “Delta25” coupon code) 

If you like gummies, you should try these high-potency killer gummies. .With a powerful blend of live-resin THC-P, THC-H and HHC-P and 30mg in each gummy, this product is exactly what you need for your evening relaxation. Take it once you are back from work, and experience a powerful full body experience, exactly what we need this time of the year…

This deal will only run until the 30th, so don’t wait and stock-up as this is a great opportunity!

TIP: The price of this products is already discounted, but you can save an additional 25% by using the “Delta25” coupon code. This is a truely amazing product, try it!

Click HERE to buy the Knockout blend gummies

(Using “Delta25” coupon code)

Post Black Friday Deals / Cyber Monday Deals:
Extra 25% Discount Using the Delta25 Coupon Code

Save big on the Knockout Blend Disposables

(Save with “Delta25” coupon code) 

Want a high-potency disposable? This extra-strong product really focuses on flavor and quality, as well as potency! Combining THC-P, THC-H, and HHC-P distillates, with live resin terpenes from two popular strains: Fire OG and Ice Breaker, you get a wonderfully strong product with amazing flavors.

Only introduced lately, the premium “Knockout” blend is already becoming a top-seller. Get these 2-gram disposables for only $28 each when you bundle and use the Delta25 coupon code. This is a fantastic price for a high-potency 2-gram disposable.

TIP: The price of this bundle is already discounted, but you can save an additional 25% by using the “Delta25” coupon code. Select the 4-pack and stock-up on this extra-strong product.

Click here to save on Knockout Blend disposables

(Using “Delta25” coupon code)

Get Delta 8, THC-O and HHC Vape Carts for only $9.95 each!
(Coupon codes listed below)

If you’re looking to stock up, sometimes all you need is a heavily discounted product, one with a price-tag of less than $10 each. This Cyber Monday you can do exactly that and get bags of 1 gram D8 / HHHC / THC-O vape carts for only $9.95 each! Check out the deals below: 

1) For Delta-8 vape carts: get $9.95 D8 Carts & Edibles when you buy 10+

2) For HHC get a $5 off coupon – makes HHC edibles and carts as low as $9.95 (coupon code: $5offhhc)

3) For THC-O get a $5 off coupon – Makes THC-O edibles and carts as low as $9.95 (coupon code: $5offthco)

4) For Delta 8 tinctures get a 50% off coupon – makes 10,000mg tinctures $26.21/each (coupon code: tincture50%off)

5) For Delta 8 tinctures get a $10 off all 5,000mg tinctures (coupon code: tinctures$10off)

TIP: This deal will only run until the end of this month. Take advantage of it and stock-up on your favorite vape carts.

CLICK HERE to buy $9.95 vape carts

(Check coupon codes above)

Post Black Friday Deals / Cyber Monday Deals:

Premium Delta 8 Vape Carts – Only $12 Per Cart!

(Using “delta25” coupon code)

Want high-quality Delta-8 vape carts? Your best choice for post Black Friday deals is the top-selling Delta-8 vape carts bundle with six differens flavors to choose from!

By getting this bundle you will be both introducing yourself to a variety of different flavors and at the same time, buying the carts for a very low price, only $12 each, as it also comes with two extra vape carts, free of charge. This is a great opportunity, as $12/cart is a great price for this premium product.

Two options to choose from: The 6 Pack with 2 Hybrids, 2 Sativas, 2 Indicas and 1 bonus cart and The 12 Pack with 4 Hybrids, 4 Sativas, 4 Indicas and 2 bonus carts. Once choosing your bundle, take a long look at the famous Blue Dream flavor (Sativa), the most popular flavor of them all…

TIP: use the “Delta25” coupon code and select the 12-pack to get each cart for only $12 each!

Click here to stock up on Delta 8 THC carts

(Using “Delta25” coupon code)

Get 25% discount on THCa vape carts – use the Delta25 coupon code

Post Black Friday Deals / Cyber Monday Deals:

Delta 8 Moonrocks – In Ice Cream Flavor Strain!

(Using “FIRSTORDER15” coupon code)

Stock up on Delta 8 THC moonrocks in delicious, Ice Cream Cake flavor. Get anywhere from 1 quarter (7 grams) all the way up to 5 pounds, and quite a few weights in between.  

TIP: Use the ‘FIRSTORDER15’ coupon code to get these moonrocks starting at only $12.70 for the quarter

Click here to save on delta 8 moonrocks

(With ‘FIRSTFLIGHT15’ coupon code)

Sour Diesel Delta 8 THC Flower

(Use coupon code “FIRSTORDER15” to save)

Post Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals - Flowers

A classic favorite, you can’t go wrong with Sour Diesel. The flavor is unmatched, and the effects are described as “all gas, no brakes”. This is a sativa hemp strain infused with Delta 8 THC. The dominant terpenes you’ll taste and smell are myrcene and limonene. Starting at 7 grams, up to 5 pounds, and many weights in between to choose from.

TIP: Use the coupon code “FIRSTFLIGHT15” to save on sour deisel. 

Click here to stock up on delta 8 THC flowers

(Using “FIRSTFLIGHT15” coupon code)

Other Deals You May Enjoy:

Although these deals didn’t make it into our top four, they’re pretty awesome and certainly deserve a mention. Remember to subscribe to the CBD Flowers Weekly for access to all these deals!

1. Berkshire CBD’s Tasters Menu – $21

For Black Friday, you can try out four of Berkshire’s high-quality CBD strains for only $21 (35% discount). Deal includes 1 gram of the following: Special Sauce, Elektra, Sour Space Candy, and Suver Haze. Regular price: $32.95

2. Kanna Bus Hemp Co’s T-1 Strain – $1.40/gram

This weekend only, you can get the strain Trump (more commonly referred to as T-1) for only $1.40 per gram (normally $2/gram). If you’re looking for low, low prices, this is the deal for you. Please note that this strain has 0.6% THC, so it is NOT federally compliant.

For access to this deal, subscribe to the CBD Flowers Weekly Newsletter

3. Tweedle Farms Flower Gift Box – $40

This fun gift box contains four different 1/8s (half ounce total), plus two premium prerolls, a pack of rolling papers, and an enamel pin. Use the code for 20% off the already discounted sale price of $50, bringing the total amount that you will pay down to only $40.

4. NAM Wellness Products Sampler Pack – $20

Have you ever wanted to try something new but didn’t want to spend more than 20ish dollars? If so, this sampler pack could be the fun, low-budget adventure you’ve been looking for. Included in the bundle are some strains we aren’t to familiar with but they sound great! 1 gram each of Lemon Trainwreck, Super Citrus Haze, Sweet Hawaiian, and Alien OG.

5. Space Force Discounted Ounce from Apical Greens – $45

This is a new strain from the much-anticipated harvest, and we’ve heard excellent things about it. Space Force is dense, sticky, and packing over 17 percent CBD. Apical Greens is a well-known company and their $45/ounce deal is only valid for Black Friday.

For access to this deal, subscribe to the CBD Flowers Weekly Newsletter

We hope you enjoy these CBD flower deals as much as we did! And keep in mind, this list will continue to be updated until Cyber Monday, December 2nd. If you have deals that you would like listed here, please reach out to me directly at alexandra@cbdtesters.co. 

Don’t forget to subscribe to the CBD Flowers Weekly for deals. 

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