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Written by Alexandra Hicks
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In today’s issue, we’re taking a closer look at the new USDA regulations and how they impact the smokable CBD hemp flower industry.

Also, a Nevada mine full of precious gems and metals turned out to also contain a much-sought after cannabis soil additive – Perlite. And Canadian big wigs eyeball the German medical cannabis market. 

All that and more in this week’s CBD Business Weekly Newsletter.


FEATURED STORY: New USDA Rules Spell Problems For Smokable Hemp Flower Industry

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If you have any interest in the hemp industry, you may have heard about the USDA recently publishing its interim final rule (Rule) on October 29, 2019. The anxiously-awaited rules look like they will pose some problems for the industry, and, therefore, the industry is fighting back. But what exactly are these new rules. 

According to many in the industry, the major issue with the new rules are the ‘total THC’ testing specifications. Under the new guidance, most current crops would be deemed unlawful as the majority contain well over 0.3% THC.

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British Gold Miner’s Nevada Punt Marks Entry Into Cannabis Market

The British owners of a Nevada mine that has a track record of silver, gold, and diamond extraction, have switched their focus to the cannabis market. As it turns out, their mine contains a much-sought after cannabis soil additive – Perlite – which has secured a £350,000 boost as they joins the green rush.

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Big Tobacco, Pharma and CPG Firms Prepare To Pounce

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Independents continue to lead the way in the global CBD market place as most major consumer brands baulk at the ‘hazy’ legal status of the industry, says a new report. The Global Cannabis Report completes a full set for U.K. based analysts Prohibition Partners following recent reports into Europe, North America and other jurisdictions.

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Germany’s Medical Cannabis Market Attracts Trio of Canadian Deals

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The Canadian appetite for the German medical cannabis market place is picking up pace with the announcement of a trio of deals. In a market statement EuroLife Brands says it is looking to collaborate with fellow Canadian firm AgraFlora Organics International on an on-line medical cannabis educational platform. 

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