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The Recreational CBD Weekly Review: Mood Specific Strains, Best Vaporizers, Traveling With CBD

weekly review
Written by Steven Bridge

This week it’s all been about using CBD in a more recreational way as we look at the groundbreaking concept of ‘mood specific strains.’

We’re also featuring some of the best portable vaporizers on the market for those strains, some great information about how CBD Flowers make you feel when taken right, and whether you can vape hemp oil or not.

Could Mood Specific Cannabis Strains Be The Next Big Thing?

mood specific strains

While there’s no exact science to it, many people have their own personal favorite cannabis strains. Some people prefer cannabis from the “Haze” variety – Sativa dominant and useful during the day.

Others swear by “Kush” cannabis which is a nighttime strain that is heavily Indica dominant. Both Haze and Kush are generic names given to different types of cannabis. Click here to read the full article.

What Are The Best Portable Vaporizers For CBD Flowers?

vaporizer flowers

When you vape CBD Flowers in a vaporizer, there’s no smoke, fire or ash. A small, powerful oven in the device heats your CBD to a preset temperature, and when you inhale, the hot air causes vapor to enter the lungs. This vapor only contains the cannabinoids in your dry herb, and you miss all the carcinogens that are released when combustion takes place.

CBD Flowers are an increasingly popular trend that’s being embraced by people from all walks of life. There are also those who, in the pursuit of healthy living, have chosen vaping over smoking and are reaping a lot of benefits. Click here to read the full article. 

How Do CBD Flowers Make You Feel?

cbd flowers feel

CBD is often isolated into an extract from Hemp Plants and comes in various different formats depending on your needs. There are CBD Gummies, CBD Vape Juice (E-liquid) and CBD Oil Tinctures that are taken under the tongue.

All these delivery methods have different time frames and slightly different effects but generally, CBD Flowers make you feel relaxed, stress-free and with a sense of overall calm and wellbeing. Click here to read the full article. 

Are You Breaking the Law by Taking CBD on Vacation?

Most people know that’s it’s not a good idea to travel internationally with cannabis in their possession. Since 9/11, airport screening has increased dramatically around the world, and that means that anyone could get in trouble for carrying a controlled substance.

But what about traveling with CBD which is legal in most states of America and almost all countries in Europe? Click here to read the full article. 

Can You Vape CBD Hemp Oil?

vape hemp oil

CBD is gaining in popularity recently as it doesn’t make you high or stoned and that’s very appealing to people who want the benefits that cannabis offers but without feeling confused or disoriented.

There are many ways to take CBD, and all of them offer slightly different effects depending on the user. Some people like to take their CBD in edible form or in CBD Oil Tinctures. Click here to read the full article. 

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Having been a cannabis and CBD aficionado for many years, Steven spends much of his time opposite a shiny MacBook, researching, exploring, understanding and creating interesting reading for people interested in knowing more about CBD, Vaping, Cannabis Strains and Delivery Methods, and just about anything related to magical green herbs that help people with anything from sleepless nights to pain.