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Going To CannX 2018 Tel Aviv? Use Our 10% Discount

Cannx 2018 Tel Aviv
Written by Ofer Shoshani

CannX 2018, one of the main medical cannabis events is taking place next month in Tel Aviv, and we have 10% discount for you!

Cannx 2018, Tel Aviv (14-16 October 2018), will be the central meeting point where global leaders in all areas of medical cannabis spend two days exploring the latest scientific/clinical research, agricultural practices and innovation, and business opportunities in medical cannabis.

Channels and keynote speakers

This year, the CannX 2018 Tel Aviv event will be divided into three “channels”: Innovations in science and medicine, New technologies, new opportunities and Advanced agriculture and production.

Among keynote speakers you can find: Prof Raphael Mechoulam, (Conference chair. Institute for Drug Research, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel), Prof. Donald Abrams, MD (Department of Medicine , University of California San Francisco, USA), Dr Kirsten R. Müller-Vahl (Director of Tourette Syndrome Clinic at the Medical School of Hannover, Germany) and Prof. Michael Dixon (Expert on environmental factors of cannabis agriculture and production at School of Environmental Sciences, The University of Guelph, Canada).

Download the CannX – program at a glance.

Who will attend the event

The two leading medical cannabis events in Israel: CannX and CannaTech are known to be a great meeting point for cannabis professionals. Cannx 2018 is expected to bring participants from the following sectors:

AGR & Product (Cannabis Growers, Medical Cannabis Producers, Plant Breeders & Agronomists).

Business & Investors (Investors & Analysts, Consultants, Lawyers & Accountants, Start-Ups & Journalists).

Science & Medical (Scientific Researchers, Medical Practitioners, and Medical Cannabis Organizations)

Suppliers (Water Technology, Transport & Logistics & Equipment, Seed, Lighting, Soil Nutrient, Security Suppliers).

A bigger, better event

CannX 2018 at colorful Tel Aviv

CannX 2018 at colorful Tel Aviv

Cannx 2018 is expected be even bigger than last year’s conference, where 80 speakers from around the world shared their knowledge with more than 700 participants from over 30 countries.

Join Conference Chair, Prof. Raphael Mechoulam, and the Cann10 experts and industry visionaries in Tel Aviv, 14-16 October 2018, for everything medical cannabis!

“If you are a leader in the medical cannabis field, or want to become one, CannX offers you global knowledge, Cann10’s unique experience and unparalleled networking opportunities.” (Yossi Bornstein, Cann10 CEO)

A team of Journalists from CBD Testers will cover this event, as we do for other leading International medical cannabis events. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

10% Discount

As always, we are offering our readers a 10% special discount to the event. Claim your discount HERE.

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Ofer Shoshani

Ofer Shoshani is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Cannadelics.