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30% Discount Coupon to the Cannabis Business Europe 2018 Event

30% discount to the Cannabis Business Europe 2018
Written by Ofer Shoshani

Are you planning to go to the Cannabis Business Europe 2018 event? Save 30% off the registration fee using CBD testers special discount code!

If you keep yourself informed in medical cannabis news, you probably know that the European cannabis market is expected to be the biggest in the world. With the UK slowly leaving the EU, Germany, the host of the Cannabis Business Europe 2018 event happening next week in Frankfurt, is the most important country in the continent. Two more reasons to go to that event are Austria and Switzerland, two German-speaking countries, with advanced hemp and CBD industries.

In the last weeks, many developments in the regulation of Cannabis show what way Europe will be heading in the near future. New markets are opening up: Portugal and Luxembourg have legalized medical cannabis while the United Kingdom and Switzerland weighs relaxing of cannabis regulations. These developments show that legalization in Germany has played and keeps playing a triggering effect on the other countries in Europe and pushes them to legislate in the same direction.

Markets in Europe will now be developing even faster than foreseen and the Cannabis Business Europe 2018 on August 27th and 28th in Frankfurt is the place to be, to network among the leaders, pioneers and decision makers of the Cannabis and Hemp industry and exchange best practices around topics like present and future regulation, production, distribution and business strategies in Germany and Europe.

Many new speakers have been added to the agenda, for example:

  • Dr. Tamir Gedo, CEO Bol Pharma, Israel, who presents the Israeli perspective of the Cannabis Industry

  • Andrés Fajardo, Chairman Clever Leaves, Colombia, who showcases production of medical Cannabis in Colombia

  • Dr. Detlev Parow, Head of Department of Medicines, Therapeutic Appliances and Remedies, DAK-Gesundheit, Germany, who talks about the payer’s perspective of medical Cannabis in Germany

Companies attending the Cannabis Business Europe 2018 event

Companies attending the Cannabis Business Europe 2018 event

Already registered companies include among others: CBD Testers, Maricann Group, CanPharma, Canopy Growth, Napro Research, March Networks, Growforce, GECA Pharma, ALD AMAZE, Weiss Umwelttechnik, ADREXpharma, Xtract, Valoya, Bionorica ethics, Exalt Ventures, Clever Leaves, SANlight Solutions, KD Pharm, Aurora Medicine, TerrAscend, Linnea, Cannabis Extract Technology, BOL Pharma, P3Collective, Cannabis Compliance, Aqualitas, Shongwe Agricom, Avicanna, Champlain Valley Dispensary, Timless Herbal Care, Bio-Can, Meet Harmony, Heritage Cannabis, Shimadzu, Fritsch, Boveda, BI Nutraceuticals, Northern Swan Holdings, Spagyrik Produktions, Leafly, Weiss Umwelttechnik, Packed, THC Pharm, Isolate Extraction Systems, Mayfield Investments, Vividata, Phytoneering Extract Solutions, Claremont Collection, Yerba Buena Farms, MedPayRx, Drygair, Royal Brinkman, Leaph, MH medical hemp, Nuuvera/Aphria, HAPA medical, CC Pharma, Dymapak, Tasmanian Alkaloids and many more.

Are you going to Cannabis Business Europe 2018?
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Special 30% discount code

30% discount to the Cannabis Business Europe 2018 event

30% discount to the Cannabis Business Europe 2018 event

Planning to go to the Cannabis Business Europe 2018? Readers of the CBD testers get a special 30% discount on their participation at the conference. Please register HERE, mentioning the code “cbdtestersspecial” in the section “Discount Code”.

Future Business Cannabis Events

This is the first Cannabis business conference event organized by Manetch. Next year they are having three more Cannabis Business conferences all around the world:

February 28th – March 1st: Global Cannabis Business Development 2019, Portland, Oregon, USA
July 9th – July 10th: Cannabis Business South America 2019, Santiago, Chile
December 3rd – December 4th: Cannabis Business Europe 2019, Frankfurt, Germany

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