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Free Tickets To ‘My Cannabis Career’ Online Summit

My Cannabis Career
Written by Ofer Shoshani

Looking for a career in the Cannabis Industry? There are free tickets waiting for you for the ‘My Cannabis Career’ online summit.

As the cannabis market continues to boom, more and more people are finding their calling.  Now, at My Cannabis Career you have a unique opportunity, to hear the amazing stories of  those who blazed their own paths to rewarding career (and how you can, too!). And if you register today, it is also free!

My Cannabis Career

My Cannabis Career

Green Flower, one of the leading cannabis information and educational platform has opened registration for the August 11th introduction of  My Cannabis Career online summit. Produced to provide cannabis industry wannabe’s an opportunity to hear directly from the best executives in the business, this newest Green Flower summit is an intimate presentation of first-hand personal stories from some of today’s most successful industry giants. The summit is free for all interested on August 11, if you register today.

Intended to give anyone and everyone, whether new or just transitioning, meaningful insight into the Cannabis industry, presentations are from sixteen company leaders sharing their own varied experiences, good and bad or funny and sad, of how they pursued their individual cannabis career paths ultimately finding their place in the flourishing market. Guest presenters come from all levels and cover professional fields that include: retail, cultivation, advertising, law, marketing, medical, PR and more.

Register today!

How To Claim Your Free Ticket to ‘My Cannabis Career’ Online Summit

My Career Free Online Summit

My Career Free Online Summit

Currently, Green Flower is giving away FREE TICKETS to the My Cannabis Career summit, but there is no guarantee that this promotion will continue into August, so register today!

How to Watch:  Once you have secured your free ticket, you will be able to watch the summit live. The event will take place Saturday, August 11th, 9:00 am Pacific, stream on your phone, computer, or internet device

About Green Flowers

Established in 2014, Ventura-based Green Flower is one of the world’s largest video platforms, maintaining 600+ affiliates to date. Dedicated to introducing only trusted cannabis knowledge, the platform boasts over 1,000+ hours of high-quality video content featuring 600+ top cannabis industry experts, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders. Serving both consumers and professionals, Green Flower is the go-to platform for understanding every aspect of cannabis today.

Among the subject covered in Green Flower’s courses, you can find:

  • Cannabis for ailments
  • Cannabis science
  • Cannabis products
  • Cannabis 101
  • Grow 101
  • Cook with cannabis
green flower courses

green flower courses

Green Flower’s Mission Statement

Cannabis is an amazing plant with remarkable benefits to our health, happiness, economy, and society. Unfortunately, it’s still lugging around a very old (and outdated) perception and stigma.

That’s why at Green Flower , we create trusted cannabis knowledge featuring the world’s top experts, doctors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and more designed to clear the confusion and help people get the most benefits from this incredible plant.”

Register today!

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Ofer Shoshani is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Cannadelics.