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CBD Testers – Ask A Doctor Sessions

CBD Testers Ask A Doctor
Written by Corre Addam

The CBD Testers team are excited to bring you our brand new “Ask a Doctor” session, with our in-house doctor, Dr. Leah Zachar

CBD users often have more questions than answers when it comes to their all-natural medicine, whether they use it for pain relief or to get a good night’s sleep. That’s why we at CBD Testers decided it’s high-time that questions like these got answers…

  • What is the ideal CBD dosage for your condition?
  • What is the best CBD delivery system for you?
  • What’s the difference between different CBD products on the market?

In order to take part in the live online session, you will need to join the Ask A Doctor Group. Then, you can feel free to post any of your questions there, for Dr. Zachar to address directly.

The first “Ask a Doctor” session will be held on Thursday 23rd November, commencing at 1pm EST.

Ask a Doctor – Thursday 23rd November

Topic: Thanks(for)giving us CBD to treat neuropathic pain.

  • What is neuropathic pain.
  • What is the difference between neuropathic pain and other types of pain.
  • Does CBD interfere with other forms of medication.

About Dr. Zachar:-

Leah is an American physician, trained in Internal Medicine with 30+ years experience in the field. Leah has worked in private practices, inner-city hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, and has taught medical residents. She concurrently delivered numerous lectures to both fellow physicians and the public.

Join the Ask A Doctor Group.

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