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Top Cannabis Tours With The Best Reviews

Written by Joe Powers

As legalization continues to pop up around the world, we cannabis connoisseurs desire more weed. Not only MORE weed but more variety of weed. Different experiences at higher levels of potency, all while consuming it the most “trendy” way possible.

How nice would it be to go on vacation and not have to worry about where you’re going to get your weed? If you are an avid cannabis consumer, you may begin to feel the proper amounts of relief, with this news. After almost 100 years of prohibition, you deserve to feel relieved!

Even though we have recreational legalization, we still have to deal with certain levels of prohibition hovering above us. Modern forms of prohibition show up as not being able to take home souvenir weed on an airplane, among other forms. This makes going on a cannabis tour THAT much more special and exciting. Knowing you won’t have access to this all the time has a way of creating a special moment you’ll not soon forget.

What would it REALLY be like to sit back and relax ALL THE WAY and smoke weed on a cannabis tour bus, between smoke locations!?

Settling in to the new norm, of smoking legal weed on a party bus, may take a little while. Smoking cannabis in public may be on its way, but it’s not here completely, yet. The closest you’ll be able to get to smoking cannabis is public is on a cannabis tour bus! The great news is, you’ll no longer have to travel all the way to Amsterdam to enjoy cannabis in a “legal-ish” way.

What Are The Top Cannabis Tours With The Best Reviews?

Visiting Colorado? Want to figure out what cannabis tour is going to be right for your vacation? Look no further! With websites like Colorado Pot Guide, you have complete access to several lists of cannabis tours to choose from. Listing 20+ cannabis tours, you’ll be sure to have just enough variety to be more than excited. Also listing current cannabis event, activities & lounges. You can even find cannabis friendly hotels and special transportation arrangements to pick you up from the airport, in a limo if you want. With a guide like this, you’ll be sure to find something to excite the night!

What if you’re not visiting Colorado? Are there cannabis tours in any of the other recreational legal states? You betcha!

If you’re planning on taking a cannabis themed vacation, the best spot currently appears to be Colorado. With more legalization making its way around the world, we can be sure to expect an increase of option and close access to multiple cannabis tours.

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