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First Ever In-Flight Cannabis Commercials Feature On US Flights

Written by Corre Addam

Passengers in the US just got their first in-flight cannabis commercial. But it’s also an important Public Service Announcement….

When Kaden Reynoldson, Digital Marketing Coordinator for reached out to us, we were thrilled to hear the news. As of June of this year, Wikileaf have successfully launched the first in-flight cannabis commercial on a major airlines that will be displayed to roughly 7.8 million passengers over the summer.

The advert is intended to help de-stigmatize legal and medical elements of the cannabis industry, and there will almost certainly be more to follow.

However, the informative new ad doesn’t stop there, as it also serves a vital PSA informing passengers that they shouldn’t travel with cannabis, and directing them to find legal, safe and affordable cannabis in and around their destination port. are the first price comparison website/app for the legal cannabis industry.

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